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3/27/2015 c1 15Amydiddle
I only came for the Parle.
8/17/2013 c1 Aelan013
OMG! Parle Productions! I've seen that video clip, *laughs* they are so freaking epic.
7/24/2013 c1 Guest
5/30/2013 c1 7Supermassive Asshole
I never thought about why Peter joined the Death Eater's ranks. I just assumed he was scared and kind of wanting the power it would give him, always having to back down when Sirius and James entered the stage.

Bra historie :D Det finnes lange historier, men de må man inngå lange kjærlighetsforhold til. Når de kortes ned til en virkelig kort historie er det mer som et kjapt kyss på gata av noen vilt fremmede. Du står der og lurer på hva som egentlig skjedde.
Jeg ser også noen skrivefeil. Hvis du vil kan jeg (selv om jeg ikke er noen betareader) gå over framtidige publikasjoner (i hvert fall hvis du bruker Microsoft Office Word til å skrive) og rette opp litt feil.

Forsett å skrive!
5/25/2013 c1 Katconan
No it was James and then Sirius who were worse than Voldie because James was from a rich family and spoiled so he had scads of money and then Sirius, who was also wealthy, demanded and got his cut. They were treating Peter as a patsy and shaking him down so he had to "pay to be a Marauder/friend" and anyway you look at it was totally unfair, unethical and definitely not something a friend(s) would do to another friend. Did they charge Remus for being a friend? Peter was from a middle class family and probably didn't have much money. Per your story if I were Peter I'd want revenge also.

Now if you are talking hell here, Peter is probably in hell because of the murders and tortures he committed, but who knows, James and Sirius could be there with him as they were no angels and they did some pretty , mean and nasty things when in school (and probably once they left) which THEY NEVER ATONED OR ASKED FORGIVENESS FOR and not just against Snape. Although their actions against Snape starting on day one at school as well as Dumbledore letting them get away with so much were probably the real reasons Snape joined the DEs.

I wouldn't be surprised if Dumbles went to hell also considering some of the things he pulled "for the Greater Good." His hands were far from clean and his manipulations were legendary if you read the books. Just because you are on the "side of the Light" doesn't mean you are a good person. So don't be surprised if there aren't at least three Marauders, James, Sirius & Peter "pranking" in hell. Maybe Satan gave them jobs torturing people with some of the "pranks" they played on Snape. Just a thought.

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