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for A Demon in the Shadows

8m c43 1bibink729
8/9 c20 Guest
All you write is just porn because that's what this and everything else you write is , pedo incest gangbang porn with no plot
8/9 c1 Guest
This is shot and you are a pedophile
8/5 c12 hephestusfirestone
why does Naruto and sai remind me of hidan and kakuzu
8/5 c6 hephestusfirestone
I read the uncensored story in the last one it was pretty good
7/9 c4 dr.frivolouslll
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo Why couldn't Ino be on the same team.
(I guess it would be too easy and the story would just speed up)
Good Chapter!
6/19 c7 Guest
menuts fag lol
6/10 c2 Username6166
So how does a 5 year old boy have a better vocabulary than most people?
5/11 c11 OogwaysLotion
Lvl 99 Yakuza Boss
4/25 c48 Kingkong101
The dialogue is all over the place it's hard to read
4/14 c1 Guest
This chapter was amazing! Author-san really knows how to craft a story. The pacing was just right, with a good mix of action, dialogue, and reflection.
4/13 c48 Featured Reader
another great chapter. Good to have you back. I wonder what will happen to Kurenai. Will Naruto meat her in Tanzaku? And I'm eager to see Naruto and Kisame fighting.
4/11 c48 1Adinda Carmilla
I thought it would be great story but it turned to be trash. I'm sorry, but I can't stand with alpha character who act like beta.
4/10 c48 GoToHornyJail
Kurenai's fate isnt that bad? You made her a literal sex slave. You right in the head?
3/30 c2 Chakakakakakaka
This ain't the worst grammar I've seen, but God damn is it still dogshit tier. Also, Naruto sure is articulate for a five year old. Have you ever met a five year old? They're pretty fucking stupid mate, for an orphan that everyone hates he sure is educated enough to know a word like compassion.
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