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for A Demon in the Shadows

8/15/2018 c3 Meddlesome Guy
I presume that canon Naruto had abysmal skill in Genjutsu because of his massive chakra reserves. In your story he only contains 5% of the Kyuubi's chakra so I do not see other reason for his lack of skill on that department (considering he is trained as a Root agent) other than lack of imagination. Correct me if I am wrong.
7/30/2018 c1 Shade11224
Why does a story with so many Grammar problems have so many favorites?
7/3/2018 c5 ShiniKami999
Give my man an Oscar! Naruto a better actor than Ryan Reynolds!
6/11/2018 c19 12helrio uzugaku
The story is ok, you definitely achieved making a dark fic. Unfortunately I don't like those very well. So I'll just stop reading here and say that despite my personal reasons for not liking how dark it is it was well written for the most part. You could have been a lot more patient in regards to developing relationships between characters especially romantic relationships. Fewer lemons would probably benefit the story to. In regards to grammar, it was very choppy in certain places and very weird in others.

Good luck with that and hope my advice helps, cya
6/2/2018 c1 2Blackright709
Amazing, utterly amazing writing. The story is phenomenal! Please continue and post as soon as possible. I’m unaware if it’s too late to ask to be your Beta reader but if not I would love too
4/18/2018 c43 Assanjin
I have waited so long for a new chapter and I don't regret any of the wait. This was an amazing chapter, the action was perfect and the story is one of the greatest fan fictions I have ever read in my life. Thank you so very much for all your hard word.
4/12/2018 c43 sakura89luis
great chapter. looking forward for the next update.
4/10/2018 c43 1insanemaelstorm
Nice chapter. Didn't expect a real life demonic being. Thought that the beast was just Naruto running on his instincts. Love how Naruto made the villagers hate him even further. Wonder who was the master of that being. Can't wait to read more
4/10/2018 c43 iamcompton
Amazing chapter, already looking forward to the next one man!
4/10/2018 c43 Baumbarth
Epic. Thats the only way to describe the chapters up till now. The characters are epic, the story is epic and the fighting scenes are especially epic. Personally the grammatical mistakes are of little concern to me and I think that you should publish the new chapter in reasonable intervalls, while the grammatical errors can be corrected later on, so that I dont have to wait so long for new chapters!
4/10/2018 c43 Ezeakel
good chapter
3/16/2018 c43 DARTHCAEDUS2
This is a fantastic story. Hope you update this story soon. See you next update.
3/11/2018 c43 Khavix
Is there going to be an update or is it just on hiatus/abandoned/discontinued?
2/18/2018 c17 9Firefly9202002
One problem with the fight between Naruto and Orochimaru. Naruto could have used human path to remove Orochimaru soul when Orochimaru grabbed him.
2/14/2018 c1 TechnoGalen
Since I'm already aware of how it will go I will give you the usual response I give to the idiots who promote Kishimoto's BS:

Shove it up your a**, you worthless Kishimoto loving f**kface.
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