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for A Demon in the Shadows

3/24/2023 c48 Borello
nice work
3/24/2023 c1 yourfoxydope
disgusting shit
3/24/2023 c48 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter
3/24/2023 c48 Primarx
it really was a long time since update. a pity as I quite like the story. your reasons are understandable though.
3/24/2023 c48 Blank Lord
I’m happy that this is still being updated. Easily one of my favorite fics on the site. I can’t wait to read more.
3/3/2023 c1 black-Phoenlx
400k! Goddamn I've haven't seen a longer fanfic than this
2/21/2023 c41 Guest
Almost everyone in this story are OOC, and Naruto is a Complete shit, a weak asshole, the way he act, it make me think that, did you forget he trained under Danzo, then how the fuck is he getting angry at everything, and once the Orochimaru's soul is removed from curse seal, it will be destroyed, and it won't stay on a person. You completely ruined this fic for me, It got boring and trash after he went into coma. Minato won't act like that, even if it is a fanfic, at least give him a personality which close to canon.

Wtf with all those growling. Did he forget about his Rinnegan. Did he forget he is an Uzumaki. He didn't even have any Resistence seal on him to improve his speed. Only gravity seal is their. And you completely ignored his gravity Manipulation from his Rinnegan. Those fuckin Curse mark ain't shit, not even close to Kurama's 1 percentage power. You are overrating it. Kurama is the definition of sage Chakra. You are forgetting that he is a part of Tentails, where the Sage chakras Origin.

It pissed me off, when you said, Kurama didn't know about Sage mode. Dude he was a walking sage mode. He is the reason Naruto can enter sage mode with KCM instantly. He live more than 900 years. Do you think he wouldn't know about some Sage mode. And what's with those SO6P and Minato. He isn't even Sages Descendants, unlike Uzumaki, Senju and Uchiha. Then how the fuck did he get Gudodama. Dude it requires, all 5 chakra natures, including Yin and Yang. If you want to create a Gudodama, you have to posses all 5 elements, Yin and Yang chakra of the SO6P. You can't obtain them just because you mastered all 5 elements.

Even in Canon, Only person who can Create Gudodama without Rinnegan were Ashura and Naruto, who got SO6P Chakra from the sage. And he is the only person who has all 5 nature transformations, including Yin and Yang Releases. Unlike Hiruzen, Hashirama who despite being Ashura's reincarnate, didn't awakened the SO6P chakra. And MU the Tsuchikage. They don't have access to the Gudodama,
2/20/2023 c6 Guest
You wanna explain why you are writing explicit scenes about children making out and having sex you dirty ass pedo
2/2/2023 c1 zmikaeldatu
Please complete thiiis
2/1/2023 c2 Guest
Wtf os your problem you dirty ass pedo
12/22/2022 c47 2Exodia3215
Good story so far! Hope u can update soon!
11/7/2022 c32 Guest
Lee is straight up stronger than Orochimaru now
11/7/2022 c5 Guest
So is Lee stronger than the entire Uchiha clan including the clan head?
11/7/2022 c4 Guest
Naruto is half Anko's age and already as tall as her lmao
10/20/2022 c47 1Kokusen
I hope you update soon. I have read this story multiple time. but I hope you will update this awesome story of your
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