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for A Demon in the Shadows

8/31/2022 c7 Alzheimer
Sooo… we are forgetting every so often that he single-handedly killed a whole clan? But the has trouble with genin lee, then churning exams might be hard? Years after killing a whole clan? Full of Jonin et al?
8/8/2022 c7 Guest
You are a fucking joke
7/28/2022 c7 poofy61goof
I looked up what mumps are and boy are u unlucky I'm just gonna think you got it from making out and that's whati will believe until the day I die so congrats on getting them hoes but I hear it's easily reversible
7/14/2022 c2 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Fix this garbage. Get a beta or, better yet, pass beyond the second grade.
6/27/2022 c35 Jon211107
Bro these killer bee rhymes are actually fire like first time actually seeing good rhyming with bee in a fic like that is most impressive
6/26/2022 c25 Jon211107
Hold on wtf why does naruto want a date with hiashi
6/26/2022 c24 Jon211107
I swear naruto hate his clones like bro is calling them useless
6/26/2022 c24 Jon211107
How for gods sake why do all fics with a harem must give naruto a special summoning which then naruto starts to give it out to the harem like come on it’s getting old now
6/26/2022 c18 Jon211107
I really hope the fic has every redhead made a uzumaki it always happens that way like even Karui is made one even though uzumakis are known for their red hair and pale skin
6/26/2022 c17 Jon211107
Naruto should be able to completely destroy the curse seal like not only does he have kurama he also has the rinnegan which he can use to dismantle the mark with the preta and human paths
6/25/2022 c16 Jon211107
I hope you do realise that you need to be a really good seal master even better than jirayia and to use hashirin
6/25/2022 c16 Jon211107
I really hope this is not just going to be one of those types of fics where naruto goes into a coma for atleast a few months and when he wakes up he literally becomes weak like what is the appeal in having naruto be in a coma
6/25/2022 c15 Jon211107
Bro this is so awkward like the hokage is literally crying a dude who destroyed an army of rock nin
6/25/2022 c12 Jon211107
Bros son is about to die but the first thing he chooses to do is call an yamanaka
6/25/2022 c9 Jon211107
Bro this naruto is giving darth Vader vibes
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