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for A Demon in the Shadows

6/25/2022 c8 Jon211107
Bro naruto be getting that older gen and the younger gen all to himself
6/24/2022 c6 Jon211107
Is it just me or is minato really really addicted to putting people in cages/prison
6/23/2022 c2 Jon211107
Bro where do I sign up to root like you get cookies and milk
6/17/2022 c3 NaruCrazy
6/17/2022 c47 Guest
When is the supposed revenge coming, 47 chapters and thay piece of shit Minoto is still not dead, Jesus was his "plan for revenge" to simply outlive him, this story has become sad and stale, truly disappointing as it started out pretty good.
6/6/2022 c47 Blank Lord
What a fic! I finally reread all of the chapters again and it’s definitely one of my favorites. I can’t wait to read more.
5/18/2022 c42 1Kokusen
this chapter made me cry a lot
5/17/2022 c12 Kokusen
i don't care about lemon in this site. your character development and writing way is great
4/8/2022 c37 Guest
This what if was trash thank you would much for wasting my time
4/8/2022 c37 Guest
You suck, this what if sucks
4/1/2022 c30 welltall44
Well, congrats your entire story has just been rendered COMPLETELY pointless. This is because the very BASE CONCEPT of your story was that Minato split Kurama's consciousness from the majority of his chakra and then put the chakra in Menma and the consciousness in Naruto. Now suddenly near 30 chapters in Menma has a Kurama? This means that Naruto actually got nothing but completely screwed over and renders the core premiss void. If Menma is literally Naruto except with a name change then WHAT. IS. THE. POINT. Because of this I no longer feel like Naruto is the main character. It now feels like Naruto is just the original SASUKE with a name change and the swapping out of his Sharingan for a Rinnegan mainly due to you making changes to Sasuke's character. I am honestly so disappointed as I am usually not a big fan of these whole Dark Naruto fics when there is a "brother" type character for the very reason that authors make the mistake of not making the brother feel like a unique character and instead slap a CANON Naruto paint job onto them which always makes the "Dark" Naruto suddenly just feel like an OC with a name swap. This just ruins the whole story for me when it happens. Sorry for the rant, but frustration and all; wrote this right after reading the chapter and I will just leave with the quote that seems to fit how I feel about this story now, "I'm not mad, just disappointed."
3/16/2022 c47 Astramilitarum01
Somehow i made i thru this story so far, and while i honor the effort it took to write this it's in need major editing at some point in the future. The overabundance of OC characters the Plots and changes that pop up all over the place makes the story sometimes just hard to read. Also not sure about the power level that your Minato had, seams a bit to OP considering that he got beaten pretty bad by the Fox and Obito in Canon and the beginning of the story.
It's an interesting take on the Naruto story but sometimes it's just unhinged and not necessarily in a good way
3/11/2022 c1 Lord Of Domination
what's the difference between this and the uncensored version?
3/7/2022 c16 2Shadow Eminence
Well in my entire time of 10 years of reading fanfictions on various sights, I declare this fic ad THE FUCKING WORST RHINOSHIT of ALL time.
2/20/2022 c11 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Would that even work, with two conscience in Naruto’s head, either kurama will notice something is wrong and undo it, or it would affect kurama instead and naruto will gut-check him. Either way, I don’t know what is going to happen.
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