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for A Demon in the Shadows

5/31/2013 c3 GreyMan19
They are just digging themselves a larger grave for Naruto. Hopefully he'll lighten up with non-Konoha people. It would be interesting to have Kushina, if she ever comes back, in the harem just to spite Minato and what he did. Wonder how Itachi will react wether he knows the truth or not of the massacre. Any idea and age when shit hits the fan for Konoha?
5/31/2013 c3 theonedevin
So is naruto going to be able to use the sharingan
5/31/2013 c3 aascdvfvifrbpgrfbr
Title: A Demon in the Shadows.
Summary: Just one bad decision... Just one left Naruto hated. It also left him prey to the Roots that lurked within the shadows. Dark/Root/Rin'negan Naruto Harem (No Hinata or Sakura), Sasuka Bashing and possibly lemons.
*You summary has Naruto's name about five times I think.
There you go. A better summary and corrected title for free to help you attract a few more readers :)

Also ANBU, Demon Brat, Root are all titles and so they should have capital letters.

Every little helps.
5/25/2013 c2 1erching
hope to see the next chapter soon
5/24/2013 c2 13Read my stuff 007
awesome update soon
5/24/2013 c2 dark
Have Mikoto, Kushina, Hinata, and Konan in the harem.
5/24/2013 c2 kotkas25
Great chapter, i really enjoyed it.
5/24/2013 c2 Guest
5/24/2013 c2 ChibakuNaruto
great story. i always like Dark Naruto and to be train in Root (danzo). having him doing the Uchiha Massacre is a bonus. keep it up. update soon
5/24/2013 c2 5War Sage
5/23/2013 c2 Jenny
Good story, keep it up!
5/23/2013 c2
must agree with you on 631
5/23/2013 c2 anarion87
good chapter
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