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for A History of Soul Bonds: by Filius Flitwick

5/5 c24 paisleymll
this is such a creative and intricate story. thank you for sharing your time and talent. I do look forward to future chapters!
4/19 c24 5Miracoli
HEY, i miss u. Please, come back. I need more.
4/16 c24 jaymay49
Holy cow, that was a packed chapter. Love this story so far.
4/16 c24 jaymay49
They visited her parents on their own, that is so stinking sweet!
4/15 c21 jaymay49
I swear, if they die I will be wrecked.
4/14 c15 jaymay49
Love Susan so much.
4/13 c6 jaymay49
Might I just say how much I love that the professors are conspiring against Dumbledore knowing anything? Because I do love it. So so much.
4/13 c4 jaymay49
You have a great narrator’s “voice.” Works really well within the story.
4/7 c24 Hank1967
Definitely long enough for an update! Great job! Loved the dressing down McGonagall gave Dumbledore. He definitely deserved that... And more. For the greater good indeed... Can't wait to see what's next!
4/7 c23 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Love all of the detail and family stuff going on. Glad to see that they finally managed to corner Lupin. Enjoyed dinner at the Weasleys'. That bit about Hermione and the Bulgarian National Quidditch team was great!
4/6 c22 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Love the dynamics between all of the characters of the Black and Bones families. Great job with that! Loved that last bit with Sirius and Remus.
4/6 c21 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Yeah, you're right about Harry in book five. Just one of the many things not adequately addressed in canon... Great job on the action in the last two chapters. Very well done!
4/3 c19 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Loved the commentary about Remus and Sirius being schitt role models! Brilliant! Also love your re-imagining of the chaos of the fifth year. Also enjoying seeing all of the friends/family standing by each other, including Draco! Great stuff!
4/2 c24 Guest
This was such a wonderful reading experience! You do a fantastic job of making things AU enough to be interesting while also pulling at a lot of things that make these characters wonderful to read
3/31 c16 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Loved the length and all of the craziness within! So why is Sirius allowing the Weasleys to stay at Grimmauld anyway? That woman is crazy. Ginny, too.
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