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1/3/2017 c1 6JoseSimp
I love this story! I read this on Codex Reader in my phone..TBH! I praised LucexOblio!
6/7/2015 c30 Guest
Lublio will always be my fan OTP thanks to your story. :)

This is a nice way to end a story, and I do hope that Dance Central will return in the near future after Rock Band 4. :)
6/7/2015 c30 DCFan4ever
Aww it's over! :( But it was a great story! I love you for making me love Luce and Oblio and all those feels I felt in this chapter! I hope your writing will continue!
6/7/2015 c30 MikuHatsuneLove
No one's reviewed this yet? That makes me mad! Besides that, I'll review. :)

Your theme in this chapter is spot on, and I love the approach for Dr. Tan's heart. It made me smile when Oblio reaches out to him so that he and Tan can finally have a start as being close. It warms my heart and the ending is what it should be. Luce and Oblio deserve some happiness together.

A great ending to a great fic! I'll be reviewing your latest chapter in your Mortal Kombat fic!
6/4/2015 c29 Guest
Lima and Oblio! D: I hope it won't knock them out too bad.'

I'll be waiting for you!
5/30/2015 c29 DCFan4ever
Wow. Just: wow.

This has a nice buildup, and that ending for the chapter. It just got dark! I like it! Update soon! :D
5/30/2015 c29 MikuHatsuneLove
I was beginning to worry when you deleted this chapter, but I'm glad you uploaded it again!

Damn, Tan! You're one crazy mofo! Words can't describe how excited I am to see how this will end!
2/1/2015 c28 Guest
Amazing as always! I just got back in the DC groove and I need to come back to this story. Can't wait for the ending!
2/1/2015 c28 DCFan4ever
Heyyyy, sorry for reviewing late. C: Apology's out of the way, so I'll review now: great chapter! Angel's POV is awesome and I'm just excited for the next chapter! Take your time!
2/1/2015 c28 MikuHatsuneLove
I miss you! Man, I'm late to the party, but at least it isn't over. :) Take it easy now!
12/24/2014 c28 19AfricanAmazon
Good to see you post again. Welcome back. :3
12/24/2014 c28 45thisaccountisdeadlol
Ay, not a bad chapter, I gotta say. While I'm in Berlin for the rest of the week I decided I'd just come and review. And I gotta say, I'm glad to see you back on your feet and writing again, though I doubt I will myself, I think I'll save your story and all its chapters on my phone to reread again; I'm pretty sure I've forgotten some parts, so.
Oh, and a side note, do you like roleplaying your OCs?
7/27/2014 c27 DCFan4ever
I apologize for not reviewing during whenever you updated; I got caught up with some stuff. D:

I like this chapter being the comforter for us readers since it's hard that Oblio's still at Tan's, but there's still hope. :) It's also cool to see you putting in Guitar Hero characters since you mentioned they were originally from Harmonix.

Angel and Luce's friendship is just adorable. :3 If I had any other words for the next chapter, it would be that I hope when Tan's plan is revealed, even though it technically was, but not fully, it won't be too similar from DC3. Of course he would use famous dance crazes, but for what other reason, is what I'm curious about.

I'll be waiting for you! :D
7/16/2014 c27 Guest
-insert Kerith's voice- Well, well, well.

XD I like how you put in Guitar Hero since it is a game Harmonix used to own. I also like the portrayal of friendship in this.

I hope you can update soon and tell us what the plan will be. It's getting good :D
7/16/2014 c27 MikuHatsuneLove
Man, is it bad that I like Luce/Angel as much as Luce/Oblio? :P It's just that their friendship is so adorable! :3

I loved your GH story, so seeing the gang again was awesome. Rose sounds... More confident than in A Rose With Its Thornz, but that means she's developed as the band's guitarist.
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