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for Sea Locked

10/26/2017 c1 brade1991
Finish it!
12/17/2015 c1 57151807
Oh, Percy. Please continue?
11/9/2015 c1 5Thunder Stag
This could be pretty excellent - in fact, if you decide to take it up again, I don't doubt that it will be. But you may want to change a few things - namely, that a lot of this is basically a copy of the Dresden Files with a few new faces and set in New York. It has a great deal of potential (your spin on Nico's backstory was well done), but to make it truly original you might want to add a few original ideas. Also, consider slowing the pace down a bit.
4/7/2015 c1 Guest
could you write more chapters
9/27/2013 c1 Falvern
I'm rather surprised about the lack of reviews for this fic. It's very well written story for sure. Just out of curiosity, is this a one-shot? Or did you list it as completed due to the lack of feedback?

Anyway, I didn't notice any overt mistakes, so I tip my hat to you in that regard. The plot is rather interesting. I can't confess to knowing much about either series, but I am more familiar with Percy Jackson than I am with the Dresden Files. That being said, this was still enjoyable and interesting to read.

I have to reiterate my surprise by the lack of reviews. But I suppose that I have the honor of dropping the first review for this story. And hopefully, my review won't be the last.

In any case, thanks for taking the time to write this fic. I'll have to check out your other stories in the near future.

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