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for A Tale of Souls, Swords and

9/26/2020 c6 Tryson
I wish for morec
7/2/2020 c6 szlekane
Dear author wish you would come back and finish
this beautiful comedy of a story I'm gonna miss it.
4/18/2019 c6 Neashutatrum
I really like it XD
please come back~~
3/26/2019 c2 wow
wow this is so fucking dumb but I like it does that make me retarded too?
12/14/2018 c2 3doubledamn
If he wanted to, couldn't he use Rule Breaker to sever the connection between himself and the Crest?
10/27/2018 c6 OmegaUltima
Aw man, and now you've apparently vanished off the face of the Earth, seemingly never to be seen again, leaving one of the only FSN * SC stories I've been able to find

Well, hopefully you're still alive and kicking out there, and you'll eventually come back and be able to continue, and even finish, this story, as well as your others; really looking forward to seeing more, if that happens~
10/9/2018 c2 6Rankin de Merthyr

I could feel all the Magi across the multiverse frown at magic crest being given that description.
4/18/2018 c5 Guest
Love the story hope it is not abandoned
1/20/2018 c1 AmethystPone
Uhm...He simply have to refuse the offer and Alaya won't be a thing.
Then there is also the confirmation that None of the Shirou from the 3 routes become CG.
8/8/2016 c1 Guest
zelretch meets Deadpool fun time
7/23/2016 c6 Neema Amiry
i want more man
7/23/2016 c2 Neema Amiry
Allure is the worst
6/20/2016 c1 11ENDDRAGON369
Good Story. I fear Zelrecht.
3/29/2016 c6 Umbra.Venator
cool fic, pity it hasn't updated
3/15/2016 c6 Teveren
So we have:
Sophitia - Truth (Saw this one coming; good choice. The only issue was that she was married, which was, ah, solved I guess.)
Hilde - Duty (Oo, interesting choice for a harem. One of the few, if not only, females not showing an abundance of cleavage.)
Ivy - Deliverance (I think all of Hilde's cleavage was saved for Ivy...)
Then my guess on the others are:
Honor - Taki
Devotion - Setsuka
Courage - Link! Uh, I mean, Cassandra (Shirou already has a history of attracting sisters... aww yeeaah...)
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