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1/10/2015 c1 10Wordspin
How did I manage to miss this one?

Quite beautiful, Crackers. Lovely insight into the two Maiar's thoughts. The reminiscences of both were very touching, I must say, and definitely do a great job at showing that people (or "demi-gods" in this case) aren't all bad or all good.

Seeing Sauron through Gandalf's eyes, as he was before Melkor corrupted him, and feeling that connection - that love - between Olorin and Mairon, truly was wonderful and truly solidified the notion that the two are brothers in Eru's thought.
That wonderful glimpse into Sauron's mind was almost heartbreaking. Realising that he still loved Olorin, even though their paths diverged, questioning - even for the briefest of seconds - his loyalty to Melkor and his current actions, those moments of introspection made for such an intense dive into the Dark Lord's psyche.
7/28/2014 c1 BakerStreetIsLastRefugeOfHope
Very well written.
7/5/2013 c1 24Galad Estel
Ah, this was sad and beautiful. I liked the connection between Gandalf and Sauron in this. So sad.
6/10/2013 c1 46The Wayfaring Strangers
'Though the Maia's current fána bears the creased skin and blanched hair of an aged mortal, it is nevertheless as radiant as the Timeless Halls of He who gave Olórin a second chance. The form emanates light, and with it hope, even here beneath the fading sun.' Beautiful. I love your 'serious' writing style, Crackers.

'...they echo, unintelligible, off the city's stone skeleton.' Lovely. This is very good - saying the city has a skeleton makes it sound somehow already dead, even though that stone skeleton is cloaked in a living city.

'Yet that same white blaze (once masquerading in ashes) left Valinor itself, just to watch him fall.' Masquerading in ashes... I love it. You have something of a poet about you.

This is a beautiful, heart-wrenching fic. You've really convinced me that Olorin and Mairon are brothers-in-thought. Keep up the lovely work!
5/28/2013 c1 132Russingon5eva
Took me long enough to respond, didn't it? Ha. :) Guess I forgot yesterday. *smacks self*

Thank you! *huggles*
5/27/2013 c1 5SecstoThrowItFB
So wonderful to see you in the LOTR section!

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