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for His Patience

9/25/2017 c42 NoirFFN
I've just finished reading all 42 characters in 2 hours and dang it... I WANT MORE *cries my eyes out* I'm in love with the fact that Xanxus is really obsessed and possessive over Cara and you still keep him in character. I didn't see any OOCness at all and that's incredibly impressive! I'm currently following this story and to be honest, I'm craving to read more oh my gosh U/v/U
4/23/2017 c42 32000kate
Aww I love Cara. So sweet am innocent, I can see why everyone loves her. Her inevitable death is going to be so sad...
3/31/2017 c42 3greenespeon1995
xanxus is so cute with Cara
3/23/2017 c42 2Moonstar66
Good stories are always worth the wait! :D
3/19/2017 c42 OneWhoReadsTooMuch
Happy to see this updated! It's so rare to see Xanxus fluff lol Cara's wonderfully kind and sweet that people are drawn to her!
3/19/2017 c42 3MarvelGeek13
The sun is shining my crops are growing my face is clear the world is good. I'm so happy about this story, i love it so much its probably my favorite story of all time and I can't wait to read more of it!
3/19/2017 c42 2Hyakuma
Well, at least one of my long awaited story had been check off.

Now I just need to keep my patience and wait for the other one...

Ah...lets see who blow up first yeah, Xanxus?
3/19/2017 c42 Tichia
Welcome back! As usual, thank you for the update! So it's Gokudera's turn, eh? I'll be wating for the next chapters! Good luck!
10/27/2016 c41 Hime-Sama234
I hope you have more exciting chapters to update w i love this drabble series
5/6/2016 c41 Vi-00
I absolutely love your story ! The fluff turns my insides into some kind of goo. I can't describe this feeling with words. This Xanxus here is kind of different but in a very good way. Please update more fluff !
Thx for the chapter :3
4/18/2016 c41 nikkali44
So is Cara Chrome here or just a random girl. Hope you keep writing I'm curious to see where this will go
3/16/2016 c41 Hyakuma
11/30/2015 c41 RomanticPrincess
Poor Dino it's been 8 years and his crush on Cara just got worse xD! You would think he would've have gained some kind of tolerance against her cuteness? I would love to see how her future interactions with Hibari will turn out! Cause he only like cute and fluffy animals so in a way he must place Cara in a somewhat similar category?
8/16/2015 c41 1Sweet Stare
Thank you for updating this! Oh poor, closet pervert, Dino. He never stood a chance against Cara's charm.
8/7/2015 c41 Tichia
Thank you for the update!
Ahahaha! I almost forgot that Dino has a crush on our Cara! How adorkable.
I'm waiting for the next chapter, good luck!
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