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for Agents of the Revolution

11/30/2014 c2 Guest
lol "and I'm Tony Stark!"...
12/14/2013 c2 Guest
LOL "My name is Thor,"
7/28/2013 c3 9GPRox
. . . WHYYY?! Meh, fine. but un-abandon it soon, please
7/28/2013 c2 GPRox
Meh, so good! Natasha as Cosette? Lol, Pepper as Eponine, yay! Stark as Javert? Interesting... i like this story! XD
7/28/2013 c1 GPRox
I like it alot even from the first chapter! PLEASE CONTINUE
7/1/2013 c2 5OrangeflowerOJ
I kind of would have expected Loki to be Javert. Whatever, I still like the story :)
6/27/2013 c2 Guest
LMFAO why is Thor Fantine?
6/15/2013 c1 38Monkeycat31811
please continue it!
5/28/2013 c1 PoetofMercury
Interesting start to the story. Never thought I'd see a Les Miss link here so I just had to read.

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