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8/26/2021 c1 Guest
Aw! That was a really good fanfic! Henry and Charles were the best (I'm sorry, but really are very underrated.) Gabriel was also hilarious, especially with him turning purple and all. Overall, a very good first fic! Job well done *Applause* *Tips hat*
2/7/2020 c1 Guest
Please more
7/15/2019 c1 4DarkMessyHair
It is AMAZING! wonderful as it is your first story!
3/11/2018 c1 Ladyhallows
It was great! Absolutely loved it
8/12/2017 c1 3thisisntidris
you capture their personalities SO WELL! especially magnus, oh my gosh- they're all perfect.
6/28/2017 c1 yassine
hey, i realize i'm quite late to post this, but i've just discovered your fanfic so here i go.
First of all, this is wonderful work, i really enjoyed it, and you seem to have a pretty good writing style.
Now I also have one or two suggestions to make : i don't know if you've read the Bane Chronicles (specifically "The Midnight Heir") but they show that both will and magnus know very well where james got his eye color; as his grandfather edmund herondale (or will's dad) had golden hair and eyes, also, i think the birth of a warlock/shadowhunter's child would probably require the assistance of a silent brother, given it hadn't really been done before...so basic
4/28/2017 c1 Kira watts
Yesssss it's so good
1/22/2017 c1 swenja Kooper
write more please<3 you're good
7/23/2016 c1 Guest
6/23/2016 c1 Guest
Oh my god James eyes are like Jace's
5/15/2016 c1 Tessa Memory
Yes,that was a lovely story, continue on with the story about their lives after little James was DO NOT leave out the part about Jem performing the protection ceremony!
12/27/2015 c1 marianefclemente
Hi, my name is Mariane, I am Brazilian and probably the biggest fan of Cassie. I'm just amazed by his story! You write very well! I loved it. Kisses!
9/26/2015 c1 no one
well its nothing compared to cassandra clare's writing skills...
3/30/2015 c1 keira
2/9/2015 c1 86shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod
I absolutely loved this! ;) Great piece!
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