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for Struggles of a country

6/16/2014 c1 8OrangeFace99
I love it. Even if it's short, you managed to get the points of the colonization.

Those last lines though ;-;
6/1/2013 c1 4Mighty Agamemnon
This is a cute little fic but one little thing, USA didn't lie to Phillipines to "protect her" but rather to just use her. USA was a hypocrite and seemed upset on how Spain was supposedly treating its colonies, but then started treating them in much the same way if not worse. (I'm Puerto Rican and we actually had more autonomy under the very last years of Spain than under USA. In fact, the very last year we were about to have our first elections when the USA invaded.) USA also only wanted Cuba because it was rich in sugarcane. :(

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