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2/10/2017 c1 20OverLord Wang-Yu
HOLY FUDGE! NOW THIS IS MORE LIKE IT! Can't Wait To See The Chaos Unleashed By This Turn Of Events XD

5/7/2016 c1 PipeDream
god I love the possibilities of AU's! I have absolutely NO idea what will happen next!
11/16/2014 c1 29Silvereye-BW
Awesome, can't wait for more.
9/1/2014 c1 thegamer95
10/28/2013 c1 Guest
Grate story
9/26/2013 c1 Kenju
Meh, not one of your better works here. I see elements that you have incorporated into other fics and chapters since it was writen though. If I had to guess I would assume this was a testbed and prototype for something you're working on or want to incorporate into future stories.

Its not inherently BAD, its just that this story seems to be a rehash and combination of several existing fics you have going already. So its not bad, its just another addition to a market you've already flooded with your work lol.

Kind of like taste testing cake. Cake is good. But after awhile, no matter how different the cake served to you is, its still cake. And I think at this point I've run out of milk to swallow it down lol.

Still, things can turn around. You state that you would explain some things next chapter. A little exposition would go a long way towards warding off my disdain for OC's, which you claim the Shadow Queen and General Doom are not. We'll see.

Till next time, I'll see you around dude!
7/17/2013 c1 20Blood Brandy

Anyway, kinda surprising to see a bad-ass Grinch, but rather in fitting with the Grim Tales motif. Looking forward to more
6/5/2013 c1 7kyrogue23
I like the feel of this story and how you started it.
6/2/2013 c1 1Bone Master
Nice story hope it is a Harem
5/31/2013 c1 28bubbajack
Well this is certainly one hell of a begining man. I'm fairly certain I know the answer to most of your questions simply because you told me about the plot to a point. But anyway, I look forward to seeing where this goes and till next time, keep up the fantastic work as usual.

-Bubbajack out!
5/30/2013 c1 Cf96
Nice work
5/30/2013 c1 coldblue
Your questions

1) What other beings and places will appear in the UnderRealm?

Probably alot or how many you want in the story. The Underworld has 5 rulers, but I don't know if the UnderRealm is just apart of that or not.

2) Who is General Doom?

General Doon could be General Scar with a new nick name. It could be Aku former General Demong who is secretly working for another master.

3) Who is the Shadow Queen?

It is either Aku in her female form or 'true' form. It could be Aku wife/queen. Though it would be awsome if it was Jade Chan from "Jackie Chan Adventures" and somehow became the Shadowkhan Queen again. Nothing awsome like a queen who rules or a INIFINITE amount of Shadow Ninja's.

4) What is their goal/goals?

To further than own agenda. General Doom and Shadow Queen HATE Mandy a.k.a. Queen Bitch. I can see the General Doom forming his own agenda and Shadow Queen with her own. They just seem to have some form of hatred for each other. I'm guessing.

5) Who is 'His Darkship' and why would he be displeased with 'what' woke?

I have NO idea on who 'His Darkship'. Maybe Aku, Lucifer, Hell Boy Biological Father, the Demon that created Spawn or Nergal Senior. I'm sorry. I just can't come up with an idea. Why would he be displeased, becuase maybe he would LOSE Power or Terratory. It could be some Universal(Underworld) Armgeddon that destroy's everyone.

6) What horn are the Queen and General talking about?

It could be that the Queen and General stole a 'holy' relic. The horn could Summon Angels. THe horn could summon demons. I'm guessing it the horn that you blow instead of being on something head, BUT I could be wrong.

7) Why do they hate Mandy?

You need to NARROW do this question. Mandy could have done ALOT of things people HATE and Mandy would probably done it on purpose. She not call "Queen Bitch" for nothing. I'm guessing that Mandy defeated the General Doon and Shadow Queen or they are RIVALS for control over the Underworld.

8) What was/is Fallane Etunaz?

I tried to look on the internet to find something, but I got nothing. I'm guessing that it a MAJOR Malice/Demonic entity, BUT I could be wrong.

9) Just what is that thing that woke Junior up?

I'm guessing what woke Junior up was something Demonic and the related to Nergal Demons. It could be the BEING that created Nergal Demons or the source of Malice/Demonic entities. Sorry for not giving out more information or thinking of ideas.

10) What does it want?

Probably destruction, absorptions, or looking to DEVOUR Junior. If Junior can hear it or Nergal Senior can sense it, then it would be involved with HIM more than anyone.

11) What were the noises Junior heard?

Some form of new power awaken within. Junior noise that he heard is probably linked to Nergal/Death powers. I'm guess Junior new powers are manifesting and starting to emerge within Junior whether it Nergal/Death powers.

12) What is Nergal Senior woried about exactly?

He is worried about his family and HOW this connects to Grim Junior/Nergals in the Underworld. Nergal Senior probably notice that the Bite Mark on the Reaper-beast tentical is NOT a Nergal abilitiy, BUT Grim Junior dorminte Reaper powers are starting to Manifest and WEAKEN the Reaper-Beast.

13) What did the bite do to the Nergal Beast?

The bite obviously weaken the Nergal Beast. I'm guess after Junior directly bite the beast some of his powers went into the Nergal Beast. Junior power could be Death and what Junior might have given the Reaper Beast is that quote 'touch of death' or in this case bite. Junior bite have send some of his Grim Reaper powers into the Nergal Beast and without Junior the Nergal Beast CAN'T control the Grim Reaper Powers. Junior is a Medium to ABSORB all Supernatural abilities like Ghost or Demonic powers and without him the Nergal Beast will go OUT of control and probably destroy itself. Depending if it might EXPLODE with the mixture of Supernatural energies he absorbs.

14) Why is the Grinch in Halloween Town at all?

Why not? Grinch is interesting and random. He seems like a person who would reside in the Underworld. I'm guess some how Grinch is connected with everything that Grim Junior, Nergal Senior, General Doom and Queen Shadow are sensing that has been awaken by Grim Junior become a Nergal/Reaper hybrid.

15) How does he know everyone and why doesn't Jack like him?

Grinch could be the UNDERWORLD Santa Clause for all the bad or evil kids in the Underworld. Grinch SCREWS with Holidays and he might have screwed with Jack "Halloween" celebration and could have tried to take over Jack job or stop Halloween. I did not watch "Grinch Night" so I don't know how he feels about "Halloween". Grinch could be Jack rival when it comes with Halloween.

16) How can he be of help?

I say Grinch should have Super Strength. I'm getting this idea from the 'Grinch that Stole Christmas', when he lefts the slay over his head. He has the strength of 10 Grinchs plus 2. I can see Grinch runing Destraction and probably annoying the Nergal Beast with Jim Carry like humor.

17) What was the UnderWar?

It obvisouly how the Underworld was divide between the 5 Lords/Ladies and how they risen to power. It must have been a brutal battle and that how Mandy, Grim, HIM, Aku, Walker and Hunson Abadeer gain ther 5 domains. This is how I try to relate this to the "Grim Tales".

18) How will the General, the Grinch and Junior's mystery voice chane things from cannon?

They could try to interfer with Junior more. I could see Grinch giving Junior good advice, then I could see General probably trying to manipulate Junior. How all 3 hear this mysterious voice is that somehow they each affect this possible dangerou entity that has awoken. They could be enemiesor allies of each other.

Sorry for the dealy on answering you questions.

Keep up the good work.
5/29/2013 c1 Moonlightnight101
Interesting story so far. I like it
5/29/2013 c1 2MySweetYaoi49
This is really interesting. All the things that r unanswered only add to the story's charm. Hope you update soon.
5/29/2013 c1 nightmaster000
Great chapter. I'm looking forward to seeing other crossover's will appear in the story. I also look forward to seeing who will end being in Junior's harem.

Not sure who the Shadow Queen, General Doom are. But I look forward to finding out.

I do have two guess's who the Shadow Queen is. My the first one is the villain from one of the Mario game's, who goes by the same name. My second one is Jade Chan as a Shadowkhan.
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