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for The Daughter of Tony Stark

6/29/2013 c26 3SmileandMoveOn
Is it bad that I'm jealous of Gypsy's position? I mean she's the almost lover of CAPTAIN FREAKING AMERICA, daughter of the smartest, richest man in New York, and the sexy, evil god of mischief is playing with her. Why does SHE get to be surrounded by good looking guys? :( Lauren wants some love!

And you didn't even give me any food this chapter! So now I can't eat myself through my self pity!

P.s. you're slowly killing me with these cliffhangers... I'll send you an invite to my funeral.

P.P.S. I'm glad you find my reviews funny! It makes me happy to know that I made someone smile before I DIE FROM THE INSANE NUMBER OF CLIFFHANGERS PRESENT IN YOUR STORY!
6/29/2013 c26 7CrystalClear98
Omfg i love this! More!
6/29/2013 c7 Love Hina Fanatic
This is so good that I couldn't review each chapter at a time. I finally had to force myself to stop and compliment you on this fantastic piece of fiction writing.

Excellent plot, characterizations, great tie-ins to people's emotions and where else can this go but only better.

I will stop gushing and sit back in my chair to continue this tale.

To quote Stan Lee "Excelsior".

6/29/2013 c26 3Jonelle Phoenix
Okay this story had nice pacing. Sooo I won't take the whole table, but not because you told me too but because I had my fill already from last time. *chewing pepto tablets and drinking ginger ale* (thinking to myself) Shouldnt have had all those brownies.
6/29/2013 c26 2Avengerlicious
Oh that was really good! I like how gypsy is so brave! I would probably scream and cry and beg for chocolate chip cookies ;)
6/28/2013 c25 Stinker126
Yeah the 'oh my god' was a good one lol. This chapter is making me beg on my knees to have a update soon. Its the suspense that makes it good but I'm really impatient lol
6/28/2013 c25 ORgasmicPigeon
OI, this is looking awesome! I'm really loving clints funny side ! (:
6/27/2013 c25 3PellieWeg
Another great chapter :-) arrrrgh once again cliff hanger! Things are getting interesting. Please update soon :D
6/27/2013 c25 2Avengerlicious
Oh my chocolate bunnies, this was impressive! Good job!
Wow, you and your cliffhangers, tsk tsk :D
The cookies, yum! I've actually had an awful lot of cookies lately. Maybe just one more...
6/26/2013 c25 2RainbowLennoxPanda
You're story is AMAZING! You need to update like right now, please and thank you! :)
6/26/2013 c25 Whappy101
Omg your killing me with your cliffhangers! I really love this story and how your presenting it with The points of views! PLEASE CONTINUE!
6/25/2013 c25 41Loki'sArmy0602
OMG i loved this chapter and the last one and the one before that. YEP i love this story. I like check every ten minutes to see if there is an update. Please don't leave it for two days age, I am never patience, and it was killing me not knowing. AND I CLIFF HANGER, WHY YOU DOING THIS?
*Takes the whole lot of sweets and walks away, while checking if there is an update on this story*
6/25/2013 c25 3SmileandMoveOn
Agh! ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER! My only weakness! Why must you do this to me!? And I DEFINATELY did NOT eat and enjoy the chocolate you gave me, nor will I spend the night happily gorging myself on cake, brownies, cookies, and more chocolate. :( DEFINATELY NOT.

But it looks so good...

*takes a small bite*

6/25/2013 c25 3Jonelle Phoenix
Grrr. STRIDER! *Takes the whole damn table full of sweets and sits in corner rocking back and forth periodically checking email for next chapter.*
6/25/2013 c25 shelby
Awsome chapter!.I've really enjoyed reading this story. I never,ever miss a chapter.I really think you have a lot of talent.
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