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9/26 c22 14Timeye
Years have pasted and I'm not sure if you're still willing to update this story
So thank you for your hardwork so far! It was pleasant to read

Take care and love from France ~
1/19/2021 c22 zenamcclain96
PLEASE please continue this story soon pretty please.
10/1/2020 c22 1Poucheene
Plwease update soon. I love this and cant wait for more.
6/17/2020 c10 4Mrtyu666
*Sigh* I Have one problem when you translate a language, it may not come out with the same letters. Also, even if it was code in English or Japanese romaji I doubt that Al would have put something obvious enough for a student(even if it was Hermione) to get. Also, Amestris is based loosely off of Germany
4/15/2020 c22 angrykitten114
I love this story so far and I really hope you will keep updating at some point. I couldn't find the updated version on Archive of our own. One thing that stood out to me about this fanfic is that you skipped the whole bit at the beginning in all the other fics I've seen where Ed finds out about magic and him going to Hogwarts. It was very concise and to the point, got started with the story without all the mindless fluff that is often included beforehand. In addition, many fics overdo Ed's reaction to magic, which I think can really take away from the actual plot and divide your attention. So good job on that too. Now that I am re-reading what I have written here, it seems more confusing than I meant it to be. Rest assured, everything in there is a compliment. And I'm probably going to think up a bunch more things to say and points to bring up and compliments and such right after I post this review and can't edit it anymore. So just compliment yourselves for me or something. Pretend I wrote all those nice things I forgot.
3/3/2019 c22 Kristal Quijada
Please continue your fanfic is very good
2/12/2019 c1 10RoxyStar05
Ahhhhhh I’ve read this fic a ridiculous amount of times, yet here I am, reading it yet again. I absolutely love your writing style, and I would kill for you. Without hesitation. You have blessed me with your writing and in return I offer my unwaivering loyalty for all eternity. In other words your stories have captured my heart and I will never stop reading and re-reading.
2/2/2019 c22 Kingmaekar
Please update
9/27/2018 c22 Lost King Atomsk
Please update on here soon! The story is great, but in my opinion it could be better if maybe ed actually could do magic(I mean, he's basically half philosophers stone on his fathers side, that's pretty magical), and if you could add some romance(either with hermione(which I'm all for), or with winry, or with hermione and winry(winry could come to hogwarts to work on eds automail or somethin)) , and please please please make him be forced to use his alchemy in the fight with the dragon, and let his automail be seen(like maybe the dragon could breath fire towards him and he blocks it with his arm and the clothes are burned away showing his entire arm, chest and back , and then he could start using alchemy to fight). Please write more soon
9/3/2018 c22 MadameMirage77
I'll be sure to read the updated version on AO3 then. This is my first review for this wonderful story, but I have read it.

Instead this isn't a review, but news regarding the sisters ReginaDC21 and BulletWitch1985. I had met the two at E3 last year, and got to become really good friends with both of them that we exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Sometime late this year, a death in their family had really hit home for Regina who called me at midnight after the funeral for her Aunt.

Apparently the two have decided to quite fandoms in general. Although Ali would often pop on and off to post reviews, Regina however wants to focus on getting a better job than working at GameStop and to move on from her Aunt's death (she never told me what was the cause of death).

During our chat, Regina had sent me a massive file that contained ALL of her fanfiction stories and ideas that she wanted me to post under my name: "MadameMirage77" after I made a account through an e-mail. ReginaDC21 recently contacted me via Google Chat and told me to inform the three of you of what's going on. Also Ali (aka BulletWitch1985) gave me permission to post her stories too, as she is going to go to school to become a videogame designer.

I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on with them. Thank you for listening.
8/13/2018 c22 5LOTRcool
Don’t worry! I’ll be sure to read it on Ao3!
8/11/2018 c22 1NerdyMcNerderson
Heckin update soon plz
7/30/2018 c21 FanOfYourWriting
Thanks for writing this, even if it's probably been abandoned. I love how Neville is the only one Ed even remotely trusts. It's also cool how it is Major Armstrong that is the judge and not someone higher up. If this isn't abandoned, YAY! If it is, thanks for writing as much as you did. It is a really cool plot.
7/24/2018 c21 5LOTRcool
Hi! I really love your story and I was so sad when I saw when the last update was! D: I hope you decide to continue this story! Preferably soon! :D
4/18/2018 c20 Guest
I can just imagine Ed sitting on the edge of the dock in the second challenge because, “I can’t swim. Even if I could, I have extremely heavy metal in multiple places of my body due to an accident I had when I was young. I get in that water and I’ll sink to the bottom and drown.”
That’s be funny.
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