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for Saibota

8/17/2013 c1 ALL Need Timeout
In my opinion because you have a good sense of humor and grammar. You get a pass from Bad English Slapping 101 as for Bellaswangirl71 "Shaking my Head". She get better one day, anyways proceed this incest comedy.
8/12/2013 c1 10Dream of Californication
I thought my eyes were the only victims of Bellaswangirl71's fiction! XD Pregnancy abound, eh?
But anyway, I really am enjoying your story, so far!
6/14/2013 c4 7LightningKitsune
Was that creature a Saibota?
If so Why didnt he try to breed her?
Great chapter
5/30/2013 c1 14Fusion-Corsair
Fair enough, dear guest. I suppose she could look at this fic more as an instructional guide to her type of story instead of a scathingly satirical parody. Or she could ask myself or Sorel for advice.
5/30/2013 c1 Guest
The story is funny but it kinda feels like a backlash on that girl's story-telling skills. She just fifteen or whatever younger age she is than you, she just starting to get used it. Maybe she doesn't know English very well or having trouble with it. I don't know why it's a big deal to pick on a beginner writers especially they're younger than you or the same age as you. Not to cause a argument, but I'm feeling concerns about this. Don't make this a personal thing, okay.

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