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12/4/2021 c1 MelissaKS
READERS: This third part, as of my posting this review, is not marked complete. But it is. So if you're like me and you check for that stuff, feel free to know you can safely read this trilogy. ALSO - I feel obligated to inform you that there is more of this story continued after this one, but not posted on FF. It's posted on ao3. Just search for Wee Doctor on there.

Author: This trilogy was lovely. Truly. It's been a while since I found something that hooked me as unexpectedly as this did. I was not at all confident I would enjoy an 'adult turned into a kid' story, but I'm so glad I decided to give it a shot. I mean that, I have not reviewed anything in a long time because I only read stories that are already completed, and most of what I have read lately was completed years ago and the author doesn't even post anymore. But this trilogy is one of my favorite things I've read in a long time. Without spoiling the ending of this, I'll just say I was on the frowny side, but accepting of how it all worked out, but I was very pleased when I could get your extra snippets on ao3 to see more into the future.

P.S. You should mark this as complete! I probably would not have read the trilogy if I had known when I found the first story that it was a trilogy, because if I'd known there was more than one part I would have been searching your profile to see if the other parts were done and would have skipped the whole thing when the third part was not marked as completed. I've had too many experiences with authors not finishing their works (real life, this isn't their job, just a hobby, etc. All valid reasons, but I still prefer not to be sucked in by a good story that I'll never get closure on).
11/11/2020 c24 3laelruin
Absolutely brilliant, tore me up, and I had to get the tissues out, but an absolutely fantastic fic. How did John know he would become a child again? How did jumping off the roof change him back? Did he plant the letters? I seriously want to know if he's mentally stable again and if he's gradually becoming smarter as he was originally or if he went back to his standard settings. :)
Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into this series!
A fantastic journey.
4/14/2020 c25 hsm1999
Though I didn't exactly catch john slipping into insanity, happened a little abruptly.
4/14/2020 c24 hsm1999
Halfway through i thought Davey and Rooster were actually Mycroft and Sherlock
4/14/2020 c1 hsm1999
My head hurt reading this, but it was worth it
12/29/2019 c25 11PotterVengerLock
I come back every couple of years to re-read this, and every time I do it's still just as captivating. Every time its all fast paced and running away with my imagination and the beautifully human characters and personalities that you have managed to convey get right into my heartstrings. The conclusion is amazing as well, it leaves one wanting yet the amount of satisfaction you get makes it all worth it. The Sherlock you've made your own is not just a smart caricature but a person. Beautifully done, thursdayplaid.
11/9/2019 c18 doodlingbookworm
"I'll break his other wrist"
10/7/2019 c24 Wicked Neko
I feel so broken and just sad happy. I dont know the words to express how this chapter shattered me.

W was coming apart at the seams and did the best he could. Sherlock was really put through the ringer. though. I wonder if John remembers anything about Grendel or if his memories are from his body's age...

This was my third time reading this series and I'm so grateful for the journey. Thank you for sharing.
8/10/2019 c25 2weep for the empty

You just killed john. What is this? This is utterly unacceptable. And I don't understand, is john just a normal kid now? Even if it isnt and kid John still has an adult mind, what about there adventures? John's just a kid it'll never be the same. God damn it this is heartbreaking. Hugh, and then there tim, his wife and children dead! Murderered! Jesus I think my heart just shriveled up inside my chest, I think I'm going into denial. You are a glorious amazing writer, really. But this hurt to read. How do I even cope with this? John dead. Gone. Never coming back and sherlock just has to deal with it and raise kid John. This comment wasnt to insult you in anyway, just an emotional over load. You did an amazing (dare I say, too amazing) job.
8/2/2019 c25 Guest
Wonderful story; however, the ending was confusing. How'd he turn back? What about everyone else including Moriarty? Need a bit more. Am surprised that neither Holmes figured John out. Is John still a man in a child's body? Did he retain his memories and his newfound cognitive abilities?
5/4/2019 c1 Ichigoblossom23
I found the last of this story on AO3 , and MAN!
Soooo intense, I really loved it
This was one of the best fanfic series I’ve ever read and I just want to say thank you
4/5/2019 c25 Guest
Best Sherlock FanFic EVER!
12/31/2018 c25 2SilverDragon1218
Wait! You can’t do this! Actually you can because you’re the author.

So W fake died? And turned into John. So all’s ok now right? Right?! All’s ok? I’m confused! What about Tim and everyone else? I need more!

Other than that, amazing fic. Amazing plot. A bit hard to follow at times but the characters were done brilliantly! Happy ending for all! John’s back so everything fine! Woo Hoo! Bye :D
11/17/2018 c25 imanbutton98
Please continue your story. I dont know why you stop. But please continue your work. I like it. Really like it. At least give me a glimpse of what actually happen to John. Kid John! Adult John! You know I have my own imagination. But I want to know yours. Please. :)
7/25/2018 c25 RedQueenOfMine
Wow. You keep surprising me until the very end. You are really good at plots. I had not been as moved as I was by writing for months. You are a fantastic author, and I hope you continued to write. It's a beautiful trilogy.
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