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8/1/2003 c1 personella
Merton...can you ever be original? why does every story of yours sound the same?
6/29/2002 c1 KimonoQueen
4/11/2002 c1 movie-mania
AHH! Stop flaming a**holes! either give constructive criticism or shut up! I like your writing, Merton Lynn, keep up your good work!
9/20/2001 c1 224Jack E. Peace

7/7/2001 c1 Ashley
OMG! that wuz soooooooooooo incredibly sad!
6/21/2001 c1 American Paisan
I dont buy it. In Scream 2 it was obvious that Randy was still deeply infatuated with Sidney Prescott, and she STILL wouldnt give him the time of day. In Scream 3 Randy made it clear that him and Karen Kolchek was a one time thing. No deep love between the two, just cheap sex. And even if Karen was pregnant I doubt that Randy would return to say goodbye to her. I just couldnt buy into the whole "You're the love of my life" thing when it is obvious that Sidney was the only girl for Randy.

But I DO appreciate what you were trying to do.
2/1/2001 c1 GossipGatopgirl
Wow! Great job,I wasnt crying... but close! YOU PUT ALOT OF THOUGHt INTO IT,Merton Lynn,keep up the good work!
1/3/2001 c1 Trinity
Definatly original! =) A little bit of a stretch.. Since.. In the video adrressed to Sidney and the others, he tells them how it was just something that happened in the porno section.. But, if that was all just a facade, and he really did have deep feelings for Karen (and not Sidney, as he expressed to Stu) then that would have made for a very nice story.. Other than the fact that Randy came back as a spirit...? What the hell was up with that? It was like you just ran out of ideas.
11/27/2000 c1 mindflux
Sorry, but Randy was always in love with Sid... he just had sex with Karen, and as far as we know only once... its quite a stretch that he would show this kind of love towards her.

Also, I hate ghosts, I hated it in Scream 3, and it made more sense their. I hate it more here.
11/27/2000 c1 bob
11/25/2000 c1 Jocco deLoon
This was powerful. Well done.
11/20/2000 c1 Reverend Bignutz
...um. That was horse . Complete horse . Like, complete ing horse . Reeking piles of horse . My God. If anything, this is good for a laugh at how SHITTY YOU ARE. QUIT WRITING. YOU SUCK.
10/22/2000 c1 2Jessica
WOW! A great story, keep up the good work!
10/22/2000 c1 36Merton Lynn
10/22/2000 c1 Beth
I've read almost all of your Scream story's and this one's the best!
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