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1/2/2015 c22 Guest
Omg when I saw that you updated, I legit died. I love this series so much and I'm happy to see what they're up to! :)
1/3/2015 c22 35XenaLin
Aww. Sad to see Slobberz so sick. I actually thought he wasn't gonna make it. I even got a little teary eyed.

So glad he is though :) That would've been devastating not only for Dylan.
1/3/2015 c22 3caitie.r.simpson
I got so excited seeing this update! i have re-read this trilogy like 10 times now haha I love it and I love that you still randomly update it because I never want it to end haha. This was a super cute one though, poor Dylan was scared and I love how they worked as a team to comfort their son. all around awesome :)
1/3/2015 c22 M206
Very sweet. I'm glad the dog is ok:)
1/2/2015 c22 auntdedra
sad at first but ended up being an awesome update!
1/2/2015 c22 kostinann
Happy new year. I miss this story and I'm glad that you decided to give us this chapter. Better than nothing. I hope you will continue to give us glimpses of this family in the future.
1/2/2015 c22 Nyx93
Thank you for updating :) it's been so long since I've seen an in my email. Awesome surprise.
1/2/2015 c22 FionaBrittana
Perfect as always. I just wish it was longer.
1/2/2015 c22 DegrassiloverRe
Uhhh, this was good...? I'm kidding lmfao something's up with the update dude
8/5/2014 c14 Guest
Judging by the names choice I would think you like the old 90210? I think I prefer Luke as a first name tho
7/20/2014 c21 guest
Keep updating love the story!
7/6/2014 c21 RoseAndClay
Can you just replace the writers on Glee please?

How I badly wish Hemo and Naya agree for a spin-off and you and all the other great Brittana fanfic writers collaborate for the project. Gawd, it'll be heaven if that ever happens.
5/12/2014 c17 2pleasegirldontyoudieonme
I wanted to praise you for this being waaaaay more realistic to his age. :D I know it's super hard to write an infant, and you're doing well! :)
5/12/2014 c16 pleasegirldontyoudieonme
It's an adorable chapter, hearing their son's first laugh... however, a few things bothered me... especially his development. You have him written as a month, and then 3 months old. Basically, babies as these ages are like potatoes. At least until they learn to roll over and can lift their heads up. That'd be my biggest criticism, is that his actions would be of a baby much older.
4/7/2014 c21 guest
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