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3/22 c20 rosaurocunanan16
Hehehe... The girl's is jealous...
3/22 c19 rosaurocunanan16
The scene with kitchi and su are so cute!
3/22 c18 rosaurocunanan16
Awsome! Really loved how naruto kicked ass! Bellamy and blue hair guy screamed and run away! Man that was epic!
3/21 c17 rosaurocunanan16
3/21 c16 rosaurocunanan16
It really is funny that sanji is jealous of naruto!
3/21 c15 rosaurocunanan16
Awsome! Tho uhg... I really don't like reading the part where mr.2 flashed everyone with naki's face and body... It's disgusting cuz it's still mr.2...
3/21 c14 rosaurocunanan16
Well this is one hell of a awsome chapter
3/21 c13 rosaurocunanan16
Really cool meeting with SHC and nico robin!
3/21 c12 rosaurocunanan16
Damn awsome fight scene!
3/21 c11 rosaurocunanan16
Damn! Awsome! Chapter! Tho i really don't like .
3/21 c10 rosaurocunanan16
Really cool interaction between naruto, and the sword girl marine !
3/21 c9 rosaurocunanan16
Damn the scene with dan vs naru is awsome!
3/21 c8 rosaurocunanan16
Amazing chapter!
3/20 c7 rosaurocunanan16
Damn so naru and noji are already together!? I wonder how this will workout with nami, robin...
3/20 c6 rosaurocunanan16
Awsome chapter! Never really seen nojiko join SHC this'll be interesting!
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