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5/28/2018 c70 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
5/27/2018 c70 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter though I am surprised Raizo and Naruto did not interact much
5/26/2018 c69 Guest
You can invent a crossover of Naruto and Dragon Ball
5/22/2018 c69 Guest
Cool, I want to see the next chapter a lot.
5/11/2018 c69 Guest
Give Naruto the Gura Gura no Mi
5/11/2018 c69 Guest
Very cool, I'm crazy to see the next chapter
5/10/2018 c69 Guest
In that last comment of mine to make Naruto become the fox of 4 tails, is that well, not that I am asking you to Nami to be able to betray him with the Sanji of course not, but in some episodes of the Bow of the Island of the Cake , she really wants Sanji to go back to the house anyway, so I thought, you can turn Naruto, when ... if you understand what I mean during the plan to ruin Sanji's wedding party and save it.
5/11/2018 c69 Haruka Azuno
Give Naruto a devil fruit power called the Kazi Kazi fruit that allowing control wind and storm
5/10/2018 c69 Guest
If you read in the internet news, Sanji gets a mysterious gift that will make him stronger, so I thought if you do the same thing with Naruto in this story.
5/9/2018 c69 Guest
Remember Naruto Shippuden when Naruto turned the four-tailed fox. Well, you could add in this story, this transformation (although there is no Ninjutsu in this fanfic), so Luffy can face it to turn it back.
5/8/2018 c69 Guest
In the Wano Arc, make Naruto open the Death Gate combined with Busoshoku Haki (who does not even Luffy's Gear Forth) to face Kaido
5/8/2018 c69 Guest
Treat Kaido, as being responsible for the death of Naruto's parents, so he can get revenge on him, so I personally fight a Naruto vs. Luffy.
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5/8/2018 c69 Guest
Give the Perfect Clima-Tact to Gina
5/8/2018 c69 Guest
In the Wano Bow, add a Luffy vs. Naruto fight to know ... bring him Naruto back. And also, a fight of Naruto and Luffy vs. Kaido. Incidentally, add Carrot and Smoothie to the harem.
5/8/2018 c69 Guest
Add Carrot to the harem
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