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11/5/2017 c66 Guest
Você pode colocar Wanda e Carrot no harém de Naruto ?
11/5/2017 c66 Guest
Você pode colocar a Wanda e a Carrot no harém de Naruto nesta história e no Shinobi On Board ?
11/5/2017 c66 Guest
Você vai colocar Wanda e Carrot no harém do Naruto ?
10/28/2017 c66 Guest
Eu adorei a idéia que o cara falou no comentário. Sim, você poderia fazer o Naruto comer uma fruta do diabo que lhe permite usar o poder da Kurama
10/28/2017 c66 soulesssoldier
Can't wait for the next chapter keep up the great work!
10/26/2017 c1 Guest
Maybe you could make naruto eat a nine tails fruit or just a fox fruit but just a suggestion
10/22/2017 c66 Guest
Meu, você vai continuar ou não ?
10/1/2017 c66 Guest
Continue, continue, continue
9/21/2017 c66 Akira666
Great chapter! I hope you continue soon, this is one of the best fic narutoxop that I have read, but I have a petition. You can add Reiju, Pudding and Carrot or Wanda to the harem please, I know that maybe they are many, but it would be great to put them because I like them a lot, and naruto is my favorite anime and manga character, so I would like to see it pairedwith they, and if I am honest the truth I do not believe that some other fic narutoxop arrives there, so otherwise I do not think to see them with naruto, so do me that favor!
9/2/2017 c3 Guest
Its because of Akainu, Aokiji is an ice man and Akainu a magma man this two elements are opposite so logia or not Akainu can cause damage to devil fruit users if their powers are weak against his example Ace fire power are "cold" put against Akainu magma
8/29/2017 c66 6Lightningblade49
Most curious what you'll do about the 10 minute recharge if that happens during the final fight.
8/29/2017 c45 Draconic Reborn
I'm like 95% sure that zoan fruit have to be animals they don't have to be real animals but they do need to be animals the fruit would work if you made it a paramecia though
8/29/2017 c66 Guest
8/27/2017 c66 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue please.
8/27/2017 c66 4Gamelover41592
awesome job on this chapter almost to my second favorite part of the Dressrosa arc :D
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