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6/16/2017 c1 Guest
Here are my opinions on the potential xover's.
1. Star Wars Rebels, NO plain and simple.
2. Fairy Tail, see option no.1.
3. Mortal Kombat, this MIGHT work depending on witch sorce material you use.
4. Ultimate Spider Man, GOD NO.
5. Totally Spies, this could actually be very good as long as it's done right.
6. Pokemon, everything up to Alola but not including Alola and it will be good.
7. Wolverine and the X MEN, here is a tricky one because it only had 1 mabe 2 seasons and 2 is pushing it I would have much rather this be Ironman Armored Adventures because it had somewhere in between 5 to 8 seasons I just dont think this one would work it would be way to short to develop any relationship at all.
8. Teen Titans, this I could see working as long as you remember Naruto is a child solder and was basically breed to kill.
9. Kim Possible, this is a xover i like but only Herta Sora has actually done right maby you can to.
10. Legend of Kora, I have NO love what so ever for this series it is in my opinion it's own little separate world from the original and is not canon so anything you do with this would be FAR better then how it actually was.
11. Star Wars the Clone Wars, WHY THE FUCK IS THIS EVEN ON HERE?
12. Tomb Raider, see previous statement.
13. Avatar TLA, this on the other hand I absolutely love I have always been of the notion that if Naruto was there Toph would fall for him and I stand by that.
14. RWBY, I'd like to see what you do with this.
15. Bleach, I really like this xover but not a single one is comlete you want to know why I'll tell you, the 1000 Year Blood War arc not a single writer in this xover wants to touch it because it's such a god damn mess you'd have to either drop it completely or pretty much do a total rewrite of it.
16. Total Drama Series, this has so much potential but hardly anyone uses it because depending on what season he starts in he could be with anyone.
17. Avengers Assemble, see 11. for my opinion on it.
18. Kenichi TMD, I'm not too familiar with it but from what I remember it should work.
19. Arrow, see 11. for my opinion on it.
20. Mass Effect, this could be very good I only ask that you make Tali one of his lovers.
6/13/2017 c65 19KuronoDono12
Wait I'm confused isn't this Naruto from the Shinobi World? If thats the case how can Minato and Kushina have been killed by one of Kaido's men.
6/13/2017 c65 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue please.
6/13/2017 c65 4Gamelover41592
Awesome work on this chapter very epic and nice having Naruto meet the man who killed his parents
6/13/2017 c65 camdawg
Kaido is already in wado
5/25/2017 c15 7Tengoku no Kotei
Soooo cooooool.
5/23/2017 c64 Guest
Isso foi... demais
5/23/2017 c2 Tengoku no Kotei
You're the best guy.
5/22/2017 c64 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter and I see you plan on adding Rebecca in as well
5/22/2017 c64 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
5/14/2017 c3 Dante Ouma
Aokiji lost his leg because the weakness of his ice powers is heat. Akainu managed to hurt him with the powers of the Lava fruit he ate, he most likely burnt his leg away(or damged it in a way that it needed to get amputated). That's also why Aokiji carries multiple scars from his fight with him.
5/12/2017 c2 2KitsuneNoYomeiri
This needs some serious work.

One speaker per paragraph. No exceptions.
5/6/2017 c63 Guest
Continua, por favor. Estou adorando demais
4/25/2017 c63 5Many Faced Mage
And the Face of Today is? Spartan Pirate!

The madness is about to start!
4/13/2017 c63 4hallowmask123
Update this please
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