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3/29/2017 c63 Guest
Olha, eu gostaria muito que a Violet se junte ao harém de Naruto
3/29/2017 c63 Guest
Continue, por favor. Eu estou implorando
3/18/2017 c7 marquis.shax
yep definitely not a crossover so I'm probably NOT going to bother to keep reading as this is incorrectly labeled as a crossover when it's clearly not. There's no Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu or Chakra and with the way this bullshit is going you've probably turned the Biju into some kind of a devil fruit meaning that everything aside from Naruto's looks and the names of his mother, father, Jiraiya and Tsunade are completely made up and have nothing to do with the Naruto story meaning that everyone from the Naruto story is purely an OC in the One Piece world rather than a blending of both worlds
3/18/2017 c6 marquis.shax
so far from what I'm seeing aside from the mention of an illusionary Kurama behind Naruto this seems more like an OC with the name of Naruto than an actual crossover as I've seen no ninjutsu or chakra usage from Naruto yet and you've already stated that his parents were marines which means he'd have been born in the O.P universe which also means no chakra. I really hate these type of "crossovers" as they're not really crossovers at all since all you're doing is making a new character in the O.P universe with a few extra skills that have nothing to do with Naruto or the Naruto universe
2/21/2017 c14 xNaruHina
From what I hAve gathered so far, Naruto has killed before and do3snt seem upset about the fact. Why didn't he just kill Mr 2,3, 5, and 8 so they stop following them and causing unessecary trouble and drama?
2/21/2017 c13 xNaruHina
So, Naruto is a liar now? He obviously knows who this Nico Robin chick is but he tells Nothing he doesn't? Well that relationship dont going to work out very well if he is already lying about other women.
2/21/2017 c13 xNaruHina
Man, this Nami is extremely selfish, rude, and excessively violent, who in their right mind would every want to go out with her?
2/21/2017 c11 xNaruHina
Again, only one person should speak per paragraph. That was pretty cool sailing up a mountain xD
2/20/2017 c7 xNaruHina
Naruto and Nojiko are cute together. I like how affectionate they seem to be3
2/20/2017 c5 xNaruHina
Admittedly I haven't watched any of One Piece, I just clicked on the story bwcause I wanted to read some crossovers and branch out from my normal readings. However, this Luffy but seems extremely weak for being some kind of leader let alone on the path to becoming a king. That Zoro guy seemed leagues above Luffy and the only reason he struggles was because he just went against an extremely strong swordsman and was still wounded. Why is the rubber guy so friggin weak? How can he claim to be some kind of leader?
2/20/2017 c3 xNaruHina
If Naruto isn't getting Ninjutsu or Kurama then he shouldn't fight people from his 'original' world.
2/20/2017 c2 xNaruHina
Only one person should speak in any given paragraph. When a new person speaks, it should be in a new paragraph. Nice job on doing the annotations the correct way instead of breaking the flow of the story with a random A/N though.
2/19/2017 c63 guest
I wish there was more of an interaction between Naruto and Sabo but overall good chapter update soon :)
2/18/2017 c63 Guest
Por favor, continua. Estou adorando.
2/12/2017 c63 5Shodaime Gahokage
Delwing the russian puppet man, he ate the copy-copy fruit that grant him the power to call on younger versions of himself one for each years (in his fourties). he looks like Hagrid from Harry Potter with a tan and light brown greying hair. He use flint lock pistols hidden in his coat at mid range and bladed brass knuckles at close range. He smokes from a pipe constantly lit between his teeth. He laugh like this "Gra he he her".

Melburia tall and lean woman who use elbow and knee blades. mute because of slit throat has a respirator that give her a noisy breathing what goes "whiiiih huuuuf" . Laught is breathed in and goes "whih hih hih hih" wears a long tan coat and a large brim hat over her red dreadlocks. Has pale skin.
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