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12/16/2021 c5 SuziH-J
Two stories, over 120k words, hours and hours of reading and I get to here. Sad to see you have not been back to finish this.
3/28/2019 c5 5Crawcolady
This is such a wonderful story. Please, please, PLEASE, come back and finish it soon. A story this good deserves more than being left hanging in cyberspace, adrift, alone, and unfinished. It deserves to be brought to a wonderful, satisfying, and successful conclusion.
6/26/2018 c5 Tootikii
I remember this now... Reading it and thinking, oh well, she'll be back eventually... 4 years is quite a long hiatus, you know?
Oh well. It was good while it lasted! :D
Would have loved to have know where you were taking this, but I guess it will be one of those unfinished things we have to deal with in life
5/31/2018 c1 4FranArian
You indicated you don't abandon your stories, but this and your Cybernetic story look very much abandoned and forgotten...which is incredibly disappointing as they were both so very good. If you perhaps finished them on a different site, could you also please post the rest here?
8/18/2017 c5 8BarbT
No fair stopping here!
8/13/2017 c5 3phoenixdragonsphinx
Best fix-it I read yet... wish I had gotten to the reunion part though
6/27/2017 c5 23Prats 'R' Us
I love this! I love the previous story and I can't wait for more!
3/29/2016 c5 Alpha
Don't stop!
10/20/2015 c5 4FranArian
9/2/2015 c5 6BonnieBlueNinja
Please update soon. I love this story
8/10/2015 c5 17Taamar
I miss this story terribly.
3/20/2015 c5 1Feia
I really love this story and hope you will finish it.
1/30/2015 c1 Eva
Update! Please don't abandoned it
1/21/2015 c5 Quietstar
Bro, let ianto see his Jack! Please I'm begging you! Also why didn't jack think about the fact that-for what he knows- Iantos only 10ish and johns had sex with him, just saying. But I hope your next update is soon, I eagerly await it.
12/8/2014 c5 Meggles425
To be honest... I LOVE this story and I can't wait for the next update so please please pleeeeeeaae update soon and thank you for making this amazing story!
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