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11/22/2020 c1 Guest

Shaeril McBrown is just a child. She shouldn't even be posting her stories on this site, because she is clearly not old enough. She is under 13.

Now, as for the trolling, I can prove she is not behind it. Sure, she allows stupid comments in her review section because she apparently does not moderate her reviews. She is guilty of that. But not the actual troll attacks and telling people to kill themselves.

Exhibit A: Fake accounts meant to frame her.


("Shearil" troll has an entire fake conversation in the review section of Wow Wow Miley. Over 200 reviews. Check them out).


u/14546322/Shaeryl-McBrown (This account mentions user Mortal Anonymous)

If the real Shaeril wanted good reviews, she wouldn't be telling reviewers to kill themselves. Why? Because that would obviously give her bad reviews. And if they actually accept her advice, well, a dead person can't leave reviews on her stories.

Exhibit B: This account is set up by the same troll framing Shaeril McBrown.


Here is the real account said troll is trying to frame:


Someone who is named Cody Alrich, 29, who writes Karmen Rider fics. They linked the real account to the troll account, just like the fake Shaeril accounts.

Exhibit C:

Troll is trying to frame Mortal Anonymous.

This is Mortal Anonymous real account:


Check their reviews. I've already seen many of the real Shaeril McBrown's logged in reviews. They are usually only a few words, and they were positive compliments about legitimate stories.

Exhibit D

Every fake troll account leaves reviews doxxing a teacher, Lisa Ware Krantz. They leave her name, address, email, and phone number. They do this in their fake accounts "stories" section.

Exhibit E

The Pigshit troll:

This troll uses guest reviews only to imitate people, mostly in Invader Zim. They never had the balls to make a real account. But it didn't matter, because the troll was constantly talked about and received much attention.


An account magically popped up. I AM THE PIGSHIT TROLL.

It's using Lisa Ware Krantz name, trying to frame her.

Why? Because it got attention, negative attention. So this troll swooped in and take the credit for Pigshit's trolling, directing that negative attention at Lisa Ware Krantz.


This is under the review section of striberz "fic" A tribute to the greatest BBC of all time.

A second account, stryberz, pops up, directing all the negative attention it built up to (drumroll please) Lisa Ware Krantz!

This is a tactic this troll obsessed with this teacher has been doing. It uses easy targets such as Shaeril McBrown and Striberx, imitates them by using fake accounts to attack authors. Once the authors are getting pissed and telling the real account off, the troll uses Lisa Ware Krantz to eventually take all the credit for trolling, hoping that we are stupid enough attack this teacher.

There. Mystery solved. Where's my Scooby snack?

6/28/2014 c1 10Zarcasm
This is really good.
11/2/2013 c1 4Ham12
This was really well written and and sweet! Although there were a few grammar mistakes it was a rearly good story and I think you should continue it!
10/8/2013 c1 12Princess Unikitty
interesting so far. keep it up.
6/14/2013 c1 6Already There
Aww so sad. Poor Snape, he never gets a break with love, does he? I think you really captured him here. You got the kind of arrogent, emotional self protecting thing he has going on. If you want suggestions, I'd say fix a few capitalization errors. No big deal though, I usually do a lot worse in my stories :)

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