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1/9/2020 c2 devill
continue please
9/7/2017 c2 guest
i really want to see the next chappter and is naruto and terry the same character?
3/8/2017 c2 Guest
This story has a lot of potential. The files in chapter one give too much information though, it takes away from the story. Don't tell us something until you first explain it in the story to keep us interested. There are a few Grammer mistakes but those can easily be overlooked if your not an expert on the subject. I hope you continue the story because I'm interested.
10/29/2015 c1 Hashirama 1710
new chapter
8/21/2015 c2 Brazilwolf
This such a cool story. Especially the Whole Battle Wolf thing from Toriko. Is so cool that Naruto who I am assuming is now known as Terry. It would be cool that he could transform to look like The Battle Wolf that would be so cool. I hope you are making another chapter cause I'm looking forward to it.
Awesome story I hope you continue
7/3/2014 c2 Chast4
I really like this story but this chapter left me thinking... Who the fuck is terry? O.o great story I just want to know is he an OC or another character with a changed name.
6/24/2014 c1 31Randa1
Disculpa mi pobre ingles, uso las historias escritas en ingles para practicar mi estudio del idioma..
me gusta la historia, tiene buena pinta .. pero piensa un momento.. sea en ingles, español o el idioma que sea, las indicaciones de banda sonora antes de cada escena de batalla o cada escena que tenga alguna connotacion emocional.. corta el hilo argumental.. es como si contaras un chiste, debes hacerlo en el tono apropiado y sin interrupciones.. pero si te sientas a explicar cada elemento del chiste, el porque de cada accion.. al final, pierde la gracia
habia una vez un pato ( el pato era amarillo, y tenia las patas blancas), entra a un bar ( el bar era uno irlandes, tu sabes esos que sirven cerveza negra.. me encanta la cerveza negra)
al final, con tantas explicaciones, en vez de inducir al lector a sumergirse en la trama, interrupmpes el proceso.. mejor que al inicio del fic recomiendes escuchar ciertas canciones mientras lo leen, o al final dioces.. estas canciones me inspiraron para tales escenas y recomiendas releer el fic mientars las escuchan .. pero mientras lo leen..
en fin ... espero tu siguiente actualizacion.. fuera de ese pequeño.. minusculo detalle, estas haciendo un muy buen trabajo.. llevas muy bien los tiempos y el desarrollo del las acciones.. sabes redactar y eso es importante
nos vemos en la siguiente actualizacion
buen trabajo

Sorry for my poor English, I use stories written in English to practice my language study ..
I like the story, looks good .. but think for a moment .. whether in English, Spanish or any language, indications soundtrack before each battle scene and every scene has some emotional connotation cuts .. storyline TELL .. it's like a joke, you should do it in the appropriate tone and seamless .. but if you sit down to explain each element of the joke, the reason for every action .. in the end, lost the grace
There once was a duck (the duck was yellow, and had white paws), walks into a bar (the bar was one Irish, you know those who serve .. I love stout stout)
the end, with many explanations, instead of inducing the reader to dive into the plot, interrupmpes process .. better than at the start of fic you recommend some songs to listen while you read, or the diocese and end .. these songs inspired me to such RECOMMEND scenes and reread the fic mientars hear them .. but as I read ..
anyway ... hope your next update .. outside that small .. miniscule detail, you are doing a very good job .. well take time and development actions .. you know I write and that's important
see you in the next update
good job
6/2/2014 c1 Guest
more please
5/16/2014 c2 Guest
Naruto died ( i'm sure he escape somewere )
5/10/2014 c2 Demonicpain10
Okay.. you definitely need to rewrite this. Reason is: Your grammar in this is.. bad, the second chapter makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, you diddn't introduce who is who, you didn't expand upon what happened in the first chapter, you jump from one point in the story to another and one cannot comprehend just who is talking. etc.
4/26/2014 c1 Guest
Pile of shit
4/27/2014 c2 suntan140
love how naruto is terry since he is a inuzuka does he have a dog? update soon
4/26/2014 c1 Ddragon21
yes rock lee should be a female. never really see that kind of pairing
4/26/2014 c2 BrainII
Huge time skip. And now, this story seems to be going all over the place. What's next? All of a sudden, it's the fourth ninja war for chapter 3? Unfollowing for just being all over the place.
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