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6/3/2013 c1 32silverbirch
Now that was a good story! Colin is one of the characters who started as a bit of comic relief, but turned into so much more. In that way he's like Luna. When the time came he stood up and was counted.

I have wondered about him. I think he was underage, so shouldn't have stayed to fight, but how did he get to Hogwarts anyway? He wouldn't have been there during the year because he was a muggleborn. I think he's like Hermione. He had to be there because it was his world, even though he wasn't born to it. I also wonder if he was fighting, or was he there as a journalist recording the action? Brave either way.

Dennis is wrong, of course, but you portrayed him in a way that was very believable and that is what made the story so good.
6/2/2013 c1 38loveislouder94
Oh, this was so very sad, and I can definitely see where Dennis is coming from. I agree with you, I get why Harry avoided Colin in the books, but I like the fact that you explored Dennis' grief so well here. Of course, Ron would jump straight to Harry's defense, along with Hermione and Ginny... Well done! :)
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