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10/28/2014 c7 The Anguished One
All the various fights are interesting so far. It is strange to see Piccolo and 17 working together, but the two work surprisingly well together.
10/25/2014 c6 The Anguished One
Liking this so far. Given how there are two Saiyans who can become Super Saiyan 2 in this version, I think it is save to say that Bojack and his men are doomed. Plus, all the other Z Fighters are stroger than they are in canon, further tipping things into their favor.
10/25/2014 c5 The Anguished One
Can Krillin get through this without dying? I believe he can, and I believe Bido is screwed.
10/23/2014 c4 The Anguished One
I think you did everyone justice. Hercule was smart enough to let go of his pride, and Yamcha wasn't defeated in ten seconds. I'm also excited to see Gohan and Videl's relationship to evolve naturally over time. It seems Pan just might still exist in this version of events. Videl and Vegeta interacting is rather entertaining too.
10/21/2014 c3 The Anguished One
Poor Hercule. He is beyond doomed. I wonder how a fall from grace will change him and Videl. It will certainly affect the Buu arc, seeing as no one will turn to Hercule to try and fight Majin Buu. I'm also interested in how 17 and 18 will affect things. 18 obviously had a role in later arcs, but 17's presence should spice things up.
10/10/2014 c2 The Anguished One
Oh, Hercule is screwed. I wonder if Videl will still meet Gohan in this version of events.
10/10/2014 c1 The Anguished One
Interesting first chapter. I never understood why Vegeta didn't gain Super Saiyan 2 when Trunks was killed, so it will be fun to see how you think things would have gone.
10/4/2014 c2 1saiyanwriter94
Yeah vegeta can kick Satan's but to shame. :) love this story. Just letting you know I myself am working on a dragon ball story about vegeta keep a look out. :)
7/29/2014 c2 Guest
HFIL? Maybe?
6/12/2014 c2 Drexal15

I do not think you wrote Chi-Chi very well. The whole stealing his victory thing doesn't make any sense really. Oh the par about asking him away to train was more in line, but that was just OOC.

Anyway, another problem is vegeta just leaving it off there with hercule. Just saying I'll be at the next tournament? Since the man is married to bulma, I could see him making a public challenge calling him a liar, and then beating him up on a prepared live T.V.

But that would be OOC. What's more likely would be for vegeta to just kill him, because it is his victory.
4/26/2014 c17 Crimson Witch
Wow this is awesome! I love the way you gave the other characters more important roles and now Im desperate to know what else happened in the future don't leave me in suspense ;)
3/25/2014 c9 3Chaosconetic
Holy crap your good at writing the action sequences, they are incredibly well thought out and choreographed combats. You think things out, make the outclassed characters clever and strategy oriented instead of bullheadedly rushing a stronger foe, and they don't stand around gawking as much when their supposedly unsurvivable attacks fail like they do in the show, and all the while keeping them quite in character despite the subtle but very appreciable deviation from their inferior cannon selves; not to mention the villains have a little more personality too.

Wish I had half your flare for pacing and choreographing convincing and clever fights, but I always get too wordy.

I'll keep reading, but just thought I'd compliment what I've read thus far. Splendid writing style, and I don't mind marathon reads and long chapters, just so long as nobody interrupts me mid-chapter, which real life has a frustrating habit of doing.
3/18/2014 c17 Guest
Finished reading this just now. Have to say it is a good and different take on DBZ.
3/17/2014 c16 Blank
Still lookin' good c: Trunks is awesome and now Videl is especially cute after seeing that picture w Keep it up buddeh c:
3/16/2014 c14 7Reichenfaust
Roshi has been given an awesome upgrade! Love his new direction, and it almost reminds me of Old Man Yamamato from bleach.
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