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5/7/2020 c23 Angel
Y luego? Cuando continuamos la historia? Porque dejaste a Dick ciego? Eres cruel sigue escribiendo por favor
5/7/2020 c4 Angel
Perdon por no retribuirle a su historia pero es que esta genial vas muy bien
8/13/2019 c23 ThePlaceWhereRobinDied
In all the years that I've had part 1 and 2 of this series in my fav list I never realised there was a third part that was just as amazing as the first two. Too bad the 4th part was never shared with us, but I'm sure it would have been just as amazing! Thank you for these great fics!
3/11/2017 c23 10NoMeImporta32
I greatly enjoyed this story! It is a brilliant idea. I liked that you made Dick blind. I had my doubts at first, but it certainly helped make Jason's succession of Robin easier. I am curious. Is Dick's blindness temporary? You mentioned continuing the story with the birth of Nightwing. I really hope to see what you do in the next sequel and how Dick continues to deal with his blindness. It is very interesting dynamic, yet I do pray that he regains his sight. (Apologies if that is insensitive) I love that you gave Dick and Jason a brotherly relationship. It is my favorite portrayal of them. I always liked Jason, but he is so frequently seen as a jerk or some kind of monster. Your interpretation of his character was a nice change of pace, especially with the backstory you gave him and his complicated relationship with his father, Willis. I really hope you recover from your carpal tunnel syndrome! I would love to see what happens next with my favorite Batfamily.
10/12/2014 c23 37Tuxedo Elf
I hope you continue this. I've been working my way through the series over the weekend and really enjoyed it - which is saying something as I usually keep far away from first-person fics. The changing relationship between Bruce and Dick was really well done. Plus I obviously hope to see Dick get his sight back!
6/9/2014 c23 Yuu101cutie
Please continue with this story. I really want to find out what is going to happen next.
12/9/2013 c23 2BatKid4Life
I hope you get better soon! Every single one of your chapters has brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! I can't wait for the second part; your writing is nothing short of astounding! I really hope that your dictation program works out, and I wish you all the best! 3
12/5/2013 c8 BatKid4Life
. /1c63b3ba7349f2a9f2572ed3120e209a/tumblr_mpxexpnw8T1qbo81go1_

*lip trembles*

*wipes tear off computer*

*gets up and runs over to hug my dad*
Dad: What... are you ok? 0_0 *awkward pat on head*
12/5/2013 c4 BatKid4Life
Well what is there to say? It's left us all speechless... ;)

I absolutely love it and I can't wait to read the other chapters! 3 :D
11/13/2013 c23 18RedwingRising
This was really good! I'm so sorry about your carpal tunnel. Don't push yourself too hard, we all totally understand!

10/28/2013 c23 49Red Blaze 16
Good ending! I will be interested in how you handle Jason, though truth be told, he isn't my favorite Robin.
10/25/2013 c23 robgray
bad idea Jason has no skils no talent he never did even in the comics bad idea get rid of him
10/25/2013 c22 intersting stor
interesting story idea but jason is not a welcome idea
10/22/2013 c23 1RougePlume
I loved it! Of course it was inevitable for Jason to become Robin! I look forward to reading more; I'm curious about the birth of Nightwing since Dick is blind. Miraculous healing or Waynetech toy? :)
I'm sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel syndrome. I sincerely hope you'll get better.
10/20/2013 c23 9Goingdownwithmyshipz
Another fantastic chapter I can't wait to see what will happen next!
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