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3/11/2016 c6 lotsoffreetime
sorry just realized it was James, not Jack xD
3/11/2016 c9 tomuchfreetime
Hello! I just found this and I must say that this is a truly wonderful fanfiction! :D Please tell me you are going to finish this! This is absolutely amazing! :) I saw on your other YJ Fanfic, Young Justice, at your most latest chapter's AN that you were going to try to finish that one but are you going to finish this one as well? I hope you do, the characters to the story are wonderful, I want to know about Jack and how this plot will go, I want to find out more about Julianna, and I want to see the romance bloom. /
7/5/2014 c9 5Night Hawks
When will this be continued?
6/30/2014 c9 SWRebels
I hope we get to see some more of this soon. :) I really love this fic!
1/15/2014 c9 stephanieebrown
How have I not seen this yet? Have to say, I love how you've portrayed Porcelain. She's brilliant!
11/30/2013 c9 Night Hawks
Sorry for my late review but this chapter was amazing! Good job!
11/28/2013 c9 103Neocolai
I like how this story is progressing, regardless of any slow updates. You take your time in describing the characters and you introduce them in enough time that readers have the chance to understand them. Do Jannet and Mikayla have the same superpowers? Are they related at all, or do they merely share similar traits? Were they born with their "abnormal" physical traits or were they experimented on at some point? (I am slightly confused about that.) Who are the others in the containment cells besides S.I.N., and what deeper threat does he pose to Phoenix? (Speaking of which: I forgot a little - does anyone on the team besides Batman and the cannon superheroes - i.e. Nightwing, Robin, etc. - know Phoenix's true identity?) I wonder what life will be like for Jannet and Mikayla now that they have been rescued and have a slight chance at normalcy. Will they continue with the team or move on? I still wonder what is behind Jasper's story. Your reference to "Mysterious Jasper" is making me all the more curious. I cannot say who I think would be better for Sophia. For normal dating or attraction, I would say both Jasper or Steven could work. For getting into a serious relationship and considering marriage down the road... I would say she needs to know exactly what is going on with Jasper first - from my psychologically logical point of view. But then again, what more drama for a story than for her to trust him even while she does not know if he is even on the same side? For Sophia's ultimate happiness, I would say Steven. For the sake of a dramatic plot, I would say Jasper. Who knows - you are the author, after all, and you know your characters well. ;) I look forward to seeing how this arc of the story unfolds.
11/28/2013 c9 flying jay
Ysaay sin
9/1/2013 c4 Shadow40000
Another couple forming huh ;P
You're really good at this :P
They are all unique couples in their own way...
With iris X Damien being the sticky type...
Soph X Jasper being the thundered type xD
N Emily X Orion being the normal type lol...

Great chapter btw... This siZe seems quite nice for a chapter :D
9/1/2013 c3 Shadow40000
Woah... Kiss huh.. :P
That's intense ;D

Nice chapter .
Hopefully Orion n dead shot won't leave D:
9/1/2013 c8 ThumbsUp
I like this story. You have a nice flow of ideas. I like how you portrayed the characters. Nice writing, good grammar accompanied by great characters is an awesome combination. Also, I've taken this sudden odd interest in the character Jared Brenton in this chapter. For some reason I keep picturing Cato from The Hunger Games when I read about him -. Eh, maybe its because you mentioned that Jared was over six foot tall and had blonde hair and blue eyes.
9/1/2013 c2 Shadow40000
You have GOT to be kiddin :O
Is there a chance... That...
Jason Todd a.k.a Robin the second... Is actuallyJasper's pops? O_O
That'd be crazy ;o

Great chapter Jen .
Soz can't give a bigger/better review as I'm doin tis from my iPad...
9/1/2013 c1 Shadow40000
Woah.. Tht was long alright :P
But I guess it was worth it .

Anyways... I liked how the ending was de ja vu xD
Especially for dick.. Who noticed it too :P
And wally is back huh! :D

Gotta admit though there were quite some grammar errors in there...
But overall.. I loved it! :DD
9/1/2013 c8 1AnonymousDerp
Oh man that was awesome! I love how you wrote about my OC (Jared). Hope to see Percy in the fic soon!
8/30/2013 c8 1Shadowsofthenightsky
*Screams with excitement & happiness*

This is one of the best chapters yet! So much happened in this chapter, & so many storyline possibilities have opened up. I'm greatly anticipating the coming chapters! This story just gets better & better!

You have not only managed to tug on my heart strings, & get it attached to the new group of characters, but also completely break it with Malice (Steven)! The poor guy!

I'm so in love with they way you brought Angel in! You did an amazing job of showing so many different layers of her & her personality, right down to the emotional turmoil she suffers from. The connection you've made between her & S.I.N. (Aaron) by way of the Doctor that created both of them was a cool twist! I can't wait to see what will happen! You've brought Angel to life in a way that's even better than I imagined! :D

I shall now go reread the chapter, & can hardly wait for the next one! ( I think I liked using exclamation points a little to much. Sorry, I'm just that ecstatic about this chapter, & the whole story. :D )
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