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7/5/2013 c4 10EpicCubone
Kate no! Well that's a way make new friends. Hehe I really like how you made Leo, he's perfect and Kate is amazing too how she just don't mind showing off her son. And he's the superboy girls like him just cause. I love the story and is ready for the next update so take your time.
7/5/2013 c4 3missinashkin
Woah, I love this chapter :D
7/5/2013 c4 5Night Hawks
Yay! An update! :) I love this chapter, it's so sweet that Jasper found out that he wasn't alone because he has Sophia. Please update soon, I can't read the next exciting chapter! :)
6/13/2013 c3 102Neocolai
Clearly Orion and Emily are in love. (An understatement, as I should say myself.) Did they know one another before, or have they recently grown infatuated with one another? (Infatuation which is strengthened, of course, by the near tragedy.) Why is everyone suddenly leaving the team, however? First Jake, and now Orion and Emily. Will they have their own stories carrying on, or will it be some time before we see them again? Cherufe's skills with the lava are fascinating, though certainly deadly. Does he always need someone to look out for him to ensure he does not accidentally hurt someone? What will he do if he ever loses control and kills someone? How would he react if he did hurt someone close to him? I wonder what S.I.N. did to Deadshot. That cyborg is rather aggravating to listen to. What motives did he have for kidnapping one of the Young Justice team? Why Deadshot? What "surgery" has he completed, and how will it effect everyone in the near future? Will S.I.N. ever return for a member of the team, or is his work completed?

This one part was a little confusing, as all the action was pressed together and it was difficult to tell what was going on: "Cherufe was about to speak, see if she was okay when her head came back up. Her eyes were still unfocused, but now her lips were smiling a dark smile. She broke through the jet restraints on her body and hit Cherufe over the head with her fists. He went down and his eyes swarmed with colors. He dimly saw Whirlwind and Kid Flash go to stop her, but they were out in a second. Bloodhound came out with the controller to the cuffs and electrocutes her, ignoring the sedative. While she tensed at first from shock, she smiled a crooked smile and as the volts were still pouring into her body, choked Bloodhound until he passed out or died. Cherufe was sure which. He was stumbling up when the Phoenix came out and created fire from whips. He would have to ask her how to do that later, but Deadshot picked up the cuff controller, and released herself. Somehow, Cherufe was never sure how, she got the cuffs on the Phoenix and electrocuted her until she was on her knees. After she fell, Deadshot walked slowly over to Cherufe who was trying to stand up. He looked her in the eyes. A small sharp piece of metal appeared from her clothes. Cherufe wondered how she smuggled it on board, but his thoughts were interrupted by it being thrusted into stomach. He stared at her and saw not Emily, but Deadshot, the girl who had nearly been killed by her father all throughout her childhood. Deadshot, the villain, not the hero Cherufe thought she was. She left him there bleeding."

- Kind of one of those "Who Did What?" paragraphs. If you ever have a chance, would it be too much to ask for a summary of what happened? :) Thanks!

I liked this chapter overall. It had a number of crazy plot twists that I did not expect. I wonder where this will lead in the future. I look forward to your next update two weeks from now!
6/12/2013 c3 Guest
Omg! This story is adorable! Update soon!
6/12/2013 c3 5Night Hawks
Aw they kissed! And I can't wait for the next update! :D Shame it won't be for like two weeks D:

Can't wait for my character to show up! _
I want to ask when she comes in but I also want to wait :D
6/12/2013 c3 4LiaTheLaxChick
Oh my gosh they kissed! Awesome chapter. Have fun in north Carolina, I can't wait for the next chapter.
6/12/2013 c3 10EpicCubone
Your story Just gets better and better I just wish Leo would show. But I'm not rushing anything keep up the amazing work.
6/12/2013 c3 14Flying Jay
YAY SIN! Haha he's awesome. Just nonchalantly doing surgery. :D
6/12/2013 c2 5BartAllenFangirl
I like this chapter a lot more, the first was just moving a bit too quick for me. And I Love how you had Alice follow Jasper and everything. I honestly didn't expect her dad at all.
6/9/2013 c2 10EpicCubone
That was a really good Ch i really enjoyed it, i can't wait for the next one .
6/8/2013 c2 102Neocolai
This story is amazing! In two chapters you have woven a complex plot that has me riveted, even though I have never heard of these characters before now. Who killed Alice and James' Uncle? Where is James now, and what is his intent? Why is Jasper obsessed with fighting, and how does he feel about losing the bet and being forced to help the team? Will he stick around, or will he leave (or betray them) as soon as he has the chance? I did not expect to see mini-Robin (Damien) in this, so that leaves me to wonder what the other Robins are up to. Will they pop in sooner or later? Why was one of the letters marked ? Was it was a file on him that Al Ghul sent? Or, could it be that all these messages sent from Sophia's father? (Which leads to the question again, why J. Todd?) Why IS Jasper obsessed with finding Jason, for that matter? Is Jason going to make a later appearance? I think it is funny that Damien has taken charge of the team, but I wonder how Sophia will endure that - or Bloodhound, as he seems to be one to give orders rather than take them. (Future arguments between the two?) I am really curious now what will happen next, and what the letters to the other members of the team say. This is an action packed, thrilling story so far and I cannot wait to see the next chapter!

(P.S. You do not have to answer all these questions I sent. ;) I often configure my reviews like this as questions from reviewers help me decide the next arc of my story, and it may or may not help you as you determine what to write next.)
6/8/2013 c2 1Queen Sound
Dark and awesome I hope to read more this is really good!
6/7/2013 c2 4LiaTheLaxChick
Awesome chapter. Love that Damian is in it!
6/7/2013 c2 41Kamil the Awesome
Well that's a pain. Also, Damian didn't seem to be his bratty self. Eh. Also, I was wondering why I thought the name Deadshot looked familiar. That's the name of a Batman villain, in case you didn't know. Just an fyi
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