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for Legends never Lie

9/1/2013 c9 26Harbinger-of-script
very good sir, but i would like to make a suggestion, the paragraphs need to be broken down a little more, it would make for easier reading on the communities part, if you don't mind my saying.
8/9/2013 c8 Harbinger-of-script
aawesome chapter!

wanted to see a fight between twilight and richard, but, oh well... XD
8/6/2013 c7 maddog
this turned out to be rather well ; although i wasn't expecting Trixie to be royalty also just so it is clear am i the maddog you were referring to or is there another person with the name on this site, also i look forward to seeing a possible war that our newly minted mercs must fight in, remember that if you do that, that humans are the masters of war in this universe so make them the definition of badassery, meaning crazy insane bloodthirsty and damn near gods of war make the enemy TERRIFIED. also i wouldn't be against more technological superiority from the human mercs if there are going to be more added in
8/5/2013 c7 19Lone The Dark Hearted Wolf
Ooh yeah
8/5/2013 c7 26Harbinger-of-script
all i got to say is this... great job man!

can't wait to read chapter 8!
7/13/2013 c6 melvy888
Love this story! please tell me there more coming!
7/13/2013 c6 melvy888
Hope you write more, really like your story!
7/7/2013 c5 maddog
very nice and very impressive finally a fic were the human gets to be a bad ass killer and the princesses DONT give him hell or act like total bitches about it please for the love of god write more and finish the story
7/7/2013 c5 19Lone The Dark Hearted Wolf
Boom shaka laka.
6/23/2013 c4 Guest
This needs an update stat
6/17/2013 c4 Lone The Dark Hearted Wolf
6/10/2013 c3 Lone The Dark Hearted Wolf
Hhhmmm interesting
6/9/2013 c1 1ChrisKilla8
The story is good, one flaw: 500 years ago princess Luna was already on the moon, if that's when they we're banished there would be more notariaty
6/4/2013 c2 1connor501
Interesting, please continue...

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