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for the sibling secret

11/15/2015 c2 4DeadX Zero
Lacey: Good
11/15/2015 c1 DeadX Zero
Rikke: It's good but there are some spelling mistacs buy still good story line.
6/20/2014 c3 LunaClarke
Keep going with the story it's fantastic
4/25/2014 c1 Divergent fan
7/2/2013 c1 waz up
keep he story goin love
7/2/2013 c2 6FireSightGlare
Awesome! Please continue!
6/28/2013 c1 Wat'z Gucci
Love! Keep updating I'm fascinated
6/18/2013 c2 Guest
good fiction
6/10/2013 c2 2LittleMissBookwormBrainiac
Omg. I love this story. Update whenever you can. BYE!
6/5/2013 c2 nina777
That was great. please make a new chapter soon.
6/5/2013 c2 Lexim325
Please continue to update.
6/4/2013 c1 Lexim325
Wow. That is amazing. Is there gonna be Mikanda and Kick in this story?

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