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for Naruto Senju Uchiha

22h c4 bill4994
I like the chapter but think you made Naruto OP .
1/13 c4 typersnyder
Good boi Madara! Love the characteristics of those two.
12/15/2020 c21 Guest
kabuto isnt that strong...
he was nearly beat with a NORMAL rasengan. How would he survive a rasenshuriken?
10/7/2020 c35 123
10/6/2020 c35 Guest
9/29/2020 c21 Guest
Regeneration factor or not, Kabuto should not have survived a rasenshurken. I mean the only person I can think of that tanked one dead on was a juubi powered god madara.
9/11/2020 c14 1Nikolas Izuna
I love the TFS reference in this I can just hear it lmao
3/5/2020 c6 Guest
This story kinda has bad grammar
1/2/2020 c35 Fan
9/9/2019 c2 nikki nein
CJ: aw shit, here we go again
7/10/2019 c28 Dragonfist238
I do love the story so far but I was wondering why Your version of Team Kakashi isn’t used very often. Instead Sakura is being used
6/13/2019 c35 Guest
like your story can you get to the fourth great shinobi war
1/28/2019 c35 4Monster King
Great job please continue
1/24/2019 c6 1Wassa110
I can't read anymore. Your grammar is decent, and the story has decent pacing, but it's just bland. I read, but feel nothing. In Birth Of The Forest you get this sense of Awe when he uses his power, in Legacy you get the same whether he uses the Sharingan, or the Rinnegan. You get none of that here. There's no real sense of weight here either. No sense of danger. Over-all I rate it a 3/10. It's average in grammar, and pacing, but with there being no real feeling, it brings it down. I could read it, but it'd be the same as eating unsalted crackers.

1/1/2019 c22 Velin63
it's preta patha not petra
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