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5/20 c24 Oucs O.Iveel
5/13 c24 Julie Wells Thomas
Please more
4/27 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana

4/17 c1 Guest
I am loving this fanfiction. Also when will the council be encountering the horrors beside the ones controlled by humans. I wonder how the asari will respond to the deep ones no doubt disgust.
4/13 c13 3Lukkundantt
huh, an omae wa mou but with ships, neat
4/13 c11 Lukkundantt
oof, that went shit
4/13 c8 Lukkundantt
'Approved Eldritch Creatures', Never could have thought of reading a phrase like this, but here i am
4/12 c24 Samuez
Very good!
4/8 c24 Reader25846
Holy shit an update! Why would he want to escape is he suicidal?
4/3 c1 MCU
How about a crossover between Mass Effect and Metal Slug?
4/3 c24 Guest01
Adrien is a prisoner of war now.
4/5 c24 7djpj7652
Damn. Adrien's planning a daring escape. One that would be told from generations to come, showing off his immense bravery and how he outwitted his Human captors!

Or maybe it fails miserably and he get's thrown in the brig for a while lmao.
4/3 c23 Guest01
I hope everything goes well for the Quarians.
4/3 c22 Guest01
An Engel?
4/3 c21 Guest01
It must be awful to die fighting someone else's war.
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