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1/20 c21 R4V3N183
1/19 c21 HelpingHand
It's been 2-3 years so the NEF is using shields now right. I can understand them wanting to combine it with their own technology to make it better but they are in a war now so it makes sense to just copy it for the moment. Sure shields can’t stop energy weapons but their current enemy doesn’t use them so just make them as add-ons for now. With the D-engine it would probably be more powerful than Turian shields. If they put shields on their frigates it will make up for their lack of heavy armor and putting it on infantry will protect the most vulnerable people. Monsters don’t need them.

Since eezo drives go through real space why doesn’t the NEF make FTL missiles with them? Something going faster than the speed of light hitting something else would do a lot of damage. The Citadel races build their FTLs so they physically can’t do this because anyone could use their ship as a weapon but the NEF could simply do the opposite when building the missiles. If I learned about eezo FTL that would be the first thing I would think of.

Why doesn’t the NEF have any flying pets? Like owls have special wings that let them fly without making a sound. Instead of claws it could have tentacles and be as big as a short human not counting the wings. They would swoop down and wrap its tentacles around a Turian’s mouth and arms then fly off. It either does this at night or can change what color it is. It probably takes a day to eat its victim. If a city loses one or two soldiers a week then no one is going to think anything of it, not with so many killing themselves just another MIA. if they are behind enemy lines for years their kill count will add up. They can also be used to pick off the rear parts of a squad. Two of them can be paired with a sniper and be used to get them into good sniping spots or take out targets out of their line of sight. If it can change color then when it is sitting on concrete it would look like a statue until its head turns all the way around to look at someone who thinks they are safe. It might be more expensive than the Nephilim but there would be less of them. I see a lot of potential in tentacle owls.

Why don’t the NEF have any monsters that can burrow underground. The Turians have underground bunkers so have something that can dig its way in and kill them in their sleep. Even if they didn’t, having something burst out of the ground kill a few soldiers then go back under, would make them never feel safe. Havoc said “Death from above” please “Death from below” is where it is at. Like seriously hasn’t anyone in the NEF played StarCraft, get some Roaches or Nydus Worms under the battlefield.

They already use bio weapons so why not chemical ones? Like spray something that eats away at metal and release it over an area so it damages Turian vehicles, armored suits and weapons.

The NEF has what the Council thinks is bio engineered creatures so maybe the Volus could get away with turning all their foot soldiers into biotics. Hell the Salarians might buy it from them to give their soldiers an edge over the NEF.

Why wouldn’t the Turians not use their mechs on smaller enemies like the Nephilim instead of the big ones like the mechas. Or if they know the first thing humans do is send in mecha to attack their tanks then why not keep all armor in reserve until the rest of the attack comes. And aren't their armored suits made to work in a vacuum so if they are breathing in bad air then can’t they just put their helmets on and use the oxygen tanks.

Why are Engels so hard to take out? Couldn’t they put down some landmines and because it walks on two legs once it walks on one it will blow out its legs making it fall on more landmines. Once it's had chunks of it blown out of it, use flamethrowers to kill it faster than it can regenerate. Or they have mass effect tech so lift it into the air so it can’t move. Or put a gravity generator in an APC so everything around it experiences 20 times gravity so it collapses under its own weight. It would work good on Nephilim too, just drive through the middle of a horde and watch them all get squished. If anything is shot at it will weigh more when it gets close and hit the ground instead of the APC. Or a microwave missile, Engels still have living cells right so they have water in them. So if a missile pierced an Engel’s armor it could send microwaves inside and cook it. With its metal armor the microwaves would bounce off the inside of it and get trapped cooking the Engel faster. If it is shot at its back it would be in a place it can’t rip it out. Surely the Turians can come up with new weapons like a missile right or are you saying no Turian has any imagination.
1/9 c21 Verina Du'Arden
Very good so far... a little slow in places, but still a very good story.
I look forward to reading more in the hopefully NEAR future.
1/6 c21 3djpj7652
Damn, didn't expect a political thriller tossed in. Still like this tho and can't wait for the next chapter.
1/1 c3 DeathRayBob
Why bother giving Captain Karuma a name when you only ever refer to him as the Half-caste? Are you also going to tell us how many Quadroons and Octaroons there are in these ships?

I'd also like to point out that anti-matter has some serious flaws as a weapons technology. Losing so much of its energy as Gamma rays, for example. Plus this missile was detonated well short of its target, right? So in a 360x360degree sphere of explosive effect, only a comparatively small slice of that would have affected the Turian vessels. The inverse square law would also have significantly reduced that explosive effect depending on distance. As such, your numbers are only correct for the centre of the detonation - and clearly NOT what reached the Turians.
1/1 c2 DeathRayBob
STOP SALUTING UNDER COVER! FFS, where do you people get these brain-bugs from?

A Commander is junior to a Naval Captain. Either refer to him as 'Supreme Commander' (which is a position and not a rank) or by an actual rank, such as Fleet Admiral, Field Marshal, etc.

Haha, what? You are sending a LONE Dreadnought into battle? Alone? Where is the rest of it's Division? Where are the escorts? When you then referred to Hackett's 'Group' being sent, I relaxed a little thinking that you must mean his Task Group. Nope, a single ship with zero support. Sigh.

My last point - before I give up on this story - stop overloading the Helm, the Coxswains already have their own jobs. This is supposed to a DN, right? So, use the Navigator and his staff for navigational things, the Quartermaster and Bosuns to activate the All-Call internal broadcast, and so on. Even in Star Trek, Bridge Staff wasn't the CO and one other. Assuming that the ship was in Cruising Watches prior to D-jumping, there should be AT LEAST a half-dozen people present, plus easy means of contacting the Ops Room, Comms Centre, Engineering, and so on.
12/23/2020 c21 Guest
Awesome story can't wait for more.
12/19/2020 c21 NineTailsoftheSun279
Well this is certainly a very nice find, a VERY good fic, and really good direction for the plot. I hope to see more soon.
12/14/2020 c21 ehbon172
Holy sweet mother of banana bread, I just found and subsequently read the entirety of this story over the last week or so and it is way better than I ever imagined it could be. This is just flat out one of the best stories of its kind, and quite frankly the only story involving cthulhutech that I’ve ever seen. I only wish there was more of it. I can’t even offer constructive criticism because there is nothing that I could criticize. Amazing.
12/6/2020 c16 Guest
taken another turn for the worse
12/6/2020 c14 Guest
"growing steadily more mercurial"

mercurial doesn't fit the context, angry, or something in that vein would make more sense.
12/6/2020 c12 Guest
was loathed to admit it - was loath to admit it
12/6/2020 c12 Guest
solider - soldier
12/6/2020 c11 Guest
these aliens not - these aliens are not
12/6/2020 c5 Guest
taught musculature - taut musculature
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