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9/23 c3 windoverwaves
215 KT seems a bit too small for the amount f damage it does though...
9/9 c26 evattude
This is a great chapter! I'm happy there are some people in the turian hierarchy that don't want to just throw away the lives of all their citizens for a fight they can't win. It is a commendable decision for that general to make as many will call her a Coward but she's saved many lives
9/9 c25 evattude
This is very interesting
9/9 c24 evattude
Escaping probably won't be a good idea dude
9/9 c23 evattude
Not surprising that rich rich people would spend that amount of money (when those back at the corporations find out they'll go crazy)
9/9 c21 evattude
I love Din! He's hilarious
9/9 c17 evattude
Well this should make the others in the Citadel not want to get into a war with them at least
8/21 c26 what
why tf did u suddenly switch pov to a turian midway through the fic? did someone else take over writing the fic?
8/15 c26 1Chaotiquill
Thanks for the chapter - I appreciated that our Turian friends were able to secure one last success, even if it all came to nothing. Made the war more real.

Also, I'm really curious about what Adrien's other ideas were - how crazy are we talking exactly? :-p
8/14 c7 taintedahab
Well then…..
I guess that’s what happens when you pick a fight with the Eldritch Warcrime species
8/12 c26 anndress19911
The defeat of the hierarchy before the federation will generate two big problems
1: It will show that the hierarchy is not the strongest in the citadel and it would call into question their ability to defend the interests in the citadel space it would also show that humans are too strong and are a race to be reckoned with account in case you need it
2: The latent possibility that the hierarchy will completely lose its right to a seat on the garrison council.
3: the desperate attempt of the asari and salarians to bring the federation into their clear council with certain concessions that must be conceded to them
4: the complete independence of the volus
8/7 c26 Guest
One of my favorite story's.
7/25 c26 Bluesnowman
Awesome stuff
7/18 c26 fooplaya
Wow, amazing work! I really love this, eager to see more 3
7/13 c26 Guest
Continue good work one of best me-ficks arountld!
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