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3/8/2021 c28 BMSH
I liked it even without Joe. Where does it fit into the timeline in his relationship with Nancy? I just read your first long story where Frank and Nancy got together. So I'm assuming this one would be set before that one. Thanks for the story.
4/1/2018 c1 Guest
Oh Jilsen, please Jilsen give us another Frank/Callie pairing. You are such a great author and people like us are getting deprived off reading your work with Frank/Callie pairings. In my opinion, Frank/Nancy is way overdone.
The fact that you wrote this without making Callie a bad guy and that you wrote the other Frank & ? for Cheryl and Lazypanther suggests that you do like Callie Shaw. Please find it in your heart to write some. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!
3/23/2018 c1 Ritu
Hi there!
I just stumbled upon this masterpiece while I was searching for Frank/Callie pairings. This is such a beautifully written story. My heart feels so heavy and I have tears in my eyes.
I saw your other stories have Nancy/Frank pairing. Is it anyway possible to request you to write a Frank/Callie story please? Where they end up together? It would mean so much if you did.
Again, thank you for writing this. You are an amazing writer.
8/26/2017 c28 sm2003495
Just wanted say a very belated congratulations on this great story..In my head Callie and frank never worked out too, unless she became a busy journalist or a busy doctor, who had less time to pine for frank...Great story, well written and thought!
5/30/2017 c28 9TinDog
I know this is an older story, but I've just read it (at a recommendation from Cheryl, actually, so we both owe her thanks) and I loved it. The first person POV startled me at first, but after just a paragraph or two I was completely sold on it. You really settled into Frank's voice- a terse and driven version of Frank who was as compelling as he was heartbreaking. The emotions of the story come across with stark and stoic clarity, though you've kept most of the focus on the action itself. It was interesting to see Frank working with someone other than Joe. As in all your stories that I've read, the characters were drawn cleanly and vividly. I really liked seeing Callie break her way out of that room. That was a nice touch. And the mystery itself was still surprising even though we'd been given scenes from the killer's point of view. This was a pleasure to read.
4/21/2015 c28 1julzdagger88
This story is so good! It totally made me cry (in a good way!) great job and hope you write another! There needs to be more Frank centered fics! Thank you for sharing!
4/15/2015 c28 17leyapearl
Great ending! I was wondering now Frank and Callie would resolve their relationship and how seeing her with her family would affect Frank. I like how you wrote it. Well done.
4/15/2015 c28 18Red Hardy
Absolutely wonderful story, Jilsen! And that's coming from a die-hard Joe lover. Honestly, I'd rarely begin - let alone finish - a story that didn't include Joe in at least a few cameo roles but your story captured my attention and held it, beginning to end.

I may be crazy myself but I honestly felt a pang of sympathy for Wilson Kingsley. He could have ended up being a very one dimensional caricature of the stereotypical bad guy but you wrote him with such great depth.

I like Frank's realization at the end of the story about what Callie really needed in her life. I think deep down she may truly love Frank more than any other man but she needs and wants the life Rob gave her. They were a beautiful family.

The little side plot with Father Bob and his wife was a nice twist and very there are a lot of nasty people in the world and it's not hard to think they'd unexpectedly run across a different crime while investigating something totally unrelated.

Thanks for sharing the story! I look forward to reading more from you. :-)
4/14/2015 c28 Guest
Wow, I really enjoyed the ride!
4/14/2015 c28 max2013
This final chapter is a real heart breaker-I loved it! Thank you for this insight into Frank.
4/14/2015 c28 8zenfrodo
BRAVO! BRAVO! *holds up lighter* BRAVO! *stomps feet*
4/14/2015 c24 zenfrodo
JEEEZ I DON'T WANT TO STOP READING...but I have to, because I need to comment that I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you're portraying Callie. Scared as hell, but fighting back, using every ounce of brains & wit - yeah. THAT'S the woman that Frank fell in love with, and you're showing us that so clearly...

And jeeezus, I'm going to have NIGHTMARES over this Wilson guy tonight...
4/14/2015 c12 zenfrodo
OKAY! Finally got to the place that I'd left off before everything hit. Took some time & re-read the whole tale again, and man, that will be the LAST time I stop reading in the middle of one of your tales, Jilsen, because between the meds & the health & everything, I'd forgotten how totally, wonderfully, AWESOME this tale is. Feel free to whallop me upside the head with the entire blue-spine collection as retribution.

WOW. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOW! Back to last chapter: I'm a bit surprised that Bayport PD actually recommended a psychic, and amused by it, and nodding in "YES!YES!YES!" total agreement at Frank's skepticism & reaction, because it's real, and RIGHT. *tosses Frank a collection of James Randi's debunking books* At this point, I'm waiting for Frank's to suspect the psychic of being in cahoots with the killer (because despite my tales, I'm just as skeptical as Frank - maybe even more so, because I used to work with a bunch of "psychics". Yeah. Seriously.)

And Aunt Gertrude (jeeez, I hate that whole "trudy" thing the current books have inflicted on her, but that's just me) - living at the same home the missing women are? Uh-oh. BIG uh-oh. And the bit with Fenton being an absolute loser at getting a grill going: HAH! Yeah, I can see that. I can really, really see the resulting fireball of too-much-fluid & two young detective-wannabes having to rescue Dad for a change. :)

ANYWAY. I'm rambling. To sum up to this point: this is a wonderful, awesome, emotional, gorgeous, and scary tale. Lean, spare, & sparse in writing, enabling the details & emotions to pack their needed punch. I wish to gods I had your gift for this kind of lean writing, Jilsen.

On to the next chapter...
4/6/2015 c1 Cheryl
I meant Callie and Rob, not Sam and Rob. Sam?! Lol
4/6/2015 c27 14Cherylann Rivers
I was so excited to see this chapter, and the only issue I have is your comment that there will only be one chapter left. I'm sure it'll be a heck of a long one, what with the break up of Sam and Rob, the explanation of how Rob was behind Wilson's kidnapping of Callie so that Rob could get insurance money (or something), the reunion and subsequent proposal and marriage of Frank and Callie, followed by the touching scene where Frank formally adopts Leah and Evan and then welcomes his first child with Callie into the world. Can't wait! ;) Oh- I guess that's how it plays out in my world! Lol. While I intellectually realize none of that would make any sense, and that you have "Captive" to finish, I'm sad! You're such a great writer and no one seems to write F/C stories anymore. If I could convince you, Red Hardy, Cokey, Alicia Lily, and Ulstergirl to write/ continue those stories, I'd be a happy camper, indeed! Or, I just need to get off my butt and write one myself again; you'd think I wouldn't surpise myself, but these stories often go where they want to, right?!

Anyway, great second to last chapter. You tied up everything so well. In my ultra complicated "looking for clues" mind, I was thinking: good call on the Odella murdering her daughter idea, especially since SIDS occurs younger than the age you mentioned generally... So, maybe the medical examiner was in on it for some reason... See where my mind wanders?! I also liked seeing Wilson's reaction to jail (which, sadly, is often good, as you described), the fact that he won't be in Bayport any more, and the fact that he really believed in what he did-It's crazy and creepy, but believable! I also just caught in my comment to you that Frank and Callie both live near Bayport now; I think. Why didn't I ever catch that? Finally, love how you didn't try to over explain the psychic. You can't really- there is no explanation, but why not?! That was great. Nice tie up as well with Father Bob.

I am so looking forward to the Frank and Callie chapter. Thanks for sharing your talent!
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