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for Always Pure

13h c28 4tiger-lilyfrilly
oh my gosh i'm loving this story so much! I really really hope you continue this. Are we going to see Marlene x Regulus? And I hope Severus and Lily work things out, even though I don't quite like Lily in this fic
1/21 c28 Guest
I love this story I hope u publish the next chapter soon
1/19 c28 Guest
This is an amazing story. I think I have read at least 5 times in the last two months. It is incredible and I love the raw emotion which the characters show. I hope you finish writing another chapter soon.
1/15 c28 Guest
God , I absolutely loved this chapter, everything was so goooood . I can't wait for the next chapter
1/11 c28 Fanfictiongirl01
This is one of the best stories that I have come across. Stories like these are now impossible to find. I hope you keep it up and update soon.
1/9 c24 Lupita07
There is a discrepancy in this chapter. The prior chapter tells us that Hermione cut her hair to the point that it resembles a man. Could you either go back and change the end of this chapter or maybe explain how Hermione has hair long enough to get tangled so soon after cutting it all off?

Outside of that... I was not meaning to reread the whole story again because I wanted more chapters first. Well, I failed. You captured me again within the first paragraph. I love this story!
1/7 c28 Lupita07
You are a fantastic writer! Truly one of my absolute favorite stories. I love the strength and hardship Hermione goes through. Please finish fast so I can reread this story over and over.
1/7 c28 1RocketReina
I was not expecting the last bit but great work.
Looking forward for the next chapter.
1/6 c28 lindamusik22
love the new chapter! but now I want to know Dumbles reaction
1/4 c28 Guest
Update soon ! I love this story. Are Hermione and Sirius getting together ?
1/4 c5 Emilywatson1234
Please update soon
I really want to know how this story will end
1/3 c28 PhoenixChanger
OH HOT DAMN I just freaking love this story! Thank you for gracing us with it and I hope 2021 is a better one for you.
1/2 c28 Shelby
You are lovely! Omg this is the best fanfiction I've read in a long time
1/2 c28 Beetlejuicee
First comment of the new year, and willing to beta if needed
12/30/2020 c28 Guest
So intense! I love this story and can’t wait to see what happens next. Oh there’s still so much left to discover before it ends. Can’t wait!
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