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for Always Pure

2/23 c29 2crazyKate92
I absolutely LOVE this story. Its one of my favorites. I cant wait until the next chapter is out!
1/28 c3 Eve
I would like to point out that Nemesis is the greek goddess of revenge and daughter of Nyx (I'm a big greek mythology fan)
1/28 c1 Eve
Am I supposed to hate James? Cause I do, HE PROMISED! Great writing though! Looking forward to reading the next chapters ️
10/24/2023 c29 3luwee
I need to see the end I love this fic
7/24/2023 c29 Mackenzie
This is good please update soon
5/21/2023 c29 Guest
This awesome hope you update soon
4/26/2023 c29 Guest
Really enjoyed your story so far and look forward to reading more when you have time to continue with it
4/7/2023 c29 Guest
Aaaaaaah I can't wait for the next update! I'll be waiting very patiently for the next beautifully written and interesting chapter :)
3/20/2023 c29 sequel98
3/13/2023 c29 PixieM
I neeeeeeeeed more of this story, I love it so much
3/9/2023 c29 Estella Black 23
Kori! This story is so amazing every time I read it (which is maybe 15 times in last 3 months itself) but seriously your writing is so sophisticated and elegant that I'm in love with your writing style. The way no character is flawless but working on their flaws makes this story one of the best I've ever read. I can't wait to see how you approach the next chapters. Hope you update soon! Hope you're well. All the love x
1/3/2023 c28 canissicion
it's January now so please update
9/25/2022 c29 4reader229
I love this fiction. Actually I haven't used my account in years but I just read this in one go and I have to commentit will probably be a little long because I always comment on the last chapter available). I want to say congratulations! It really does justice to Slytherins and all those kids that were written off as bad just because they were sorted in Slytherin. Harry was almost sorted in Slytherin but he didn't want tomaybe meeting Ron who was sorted in Gryffindor influenced him )but it doesn't change the fact that the Chosen one ,the one of the prophecy was almost put there. So who is bad or good depends on perspective entirely. For Severus on his childhood the bad people were the supposedly good guys,so it feels a little good not brushing off all those wrong actions by saying they were immature and later they were heroes(because they were in the Order of Phoenix) while those actions may have pushed someone to the dark side (what if they pranked a 1st year Slytherin who saw that no one called them out on their bullying, maybe even upload them for it because they put in their places the evil Slytherin, James became head boy later I think, and that kid decided that he wanted power to stand up for himself and decided Voldemort was the only one who could give it to him? Because everyone else ignored Slytherins ? If everyone tells you will be bad and believes it ,they make you believe it and there is a high chance you will believe it ). My favorite character was always Regulus because he was compassionate towards Kreacher . he was probably forced or manipulated in joining death eaters because when Sirius left, his mother definitely restricted him more, because the Black heir already "disgraced" the family ,he openly turned on the black lord ,they can't afford to make the same mistake, they are already on thin ice ,I can imagine her saying this and Regulus wasn't the type to confront, he didn't want to disappoint his familyI think Sirius called him soft fool but I don't remember that well) so he joined in a young agehe died at 18 ,so he probably joined younger ,he was just a kid) and when he really saw what being Death eater meant he turned sides ,he tried to do the right thing, even if he died and even if everyone hated him because no one knew why he died and he didn't want tobecause his family would be targeted ,he would rather let them believe he wasn't good enough and died or let Sirius believe he was 'baduntil the end. I am glad that Regulus lived here, I am glad that Sirius really thought about his actions and regretted not trying more for Regulus because here they can reconcile ,no matter how long it will take. It was so tragic that in the original Sirius never found out the truth. These were the main reasons I like your fiction, because it does justice in some things I hated in the originals and your way of writing is good ,so I can enjoy reading it ! Anyway take your time and good luck on your studies !
9/23/2022 c29 2crazyKate92
Yay! Thanks for updating. I hope to see more someday! Great chapter!
9/18/2022 c29 Guest
I’m so excited that you have updated, good luck to you and I look forward to your updates
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