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7/20/2013 c22 Jinchuuriki Jake
my favorite part was... Misaku learning wood style and this chapter was like one of the episodes that kinda disappoints you because it stops right when something epic happens and you don't get to see the rest. Then again it gets me pumped to see whats in store for Misaku and how kenji will be introduced.
7/20/2013 c22 McAwzome
Hheeeyyyy now I just realized that 4 me to have itachis eye and sasukes eye then itachi has to die...

7/20/2013 c22 Maybe Eiseah
Yaaaaa Akiko and Nabitora are awesome.
Like a bunch of badas mother fuckers.
Akiko started wars and Nabitora almost became Hokage. You can't say that it's not a bad ass team.

Can't wait to see Nabitora and Akiko to fight that other guy. yaaaaaaaa!
7/19/2013 c21 Eiseah
Dam dude that was some brutal shit
I like the part were Sakura fell on her face
Funny as shit

Good chapter bro
Not Eiseah
7/18/2013 c21 1McAwzome
My favourite was when riku went inti deep sleep so he gets ms

You should swap riku and misakus eyes so they both get EMS
7/18/2013 c2 18Sasusakui
I like it so far, the gore is very pleasing. I just wish you could sort of slow down a bit so I can understand, hopefully the future chapters will improve. Anyway, I'm reading more
7/17/2013 c20 Jinchuuriki Jake
Naruto should have a seal at ichiraku just because.
7/17/2013 c19 Jinchuuriki Jake
Shikuke... His nickname from now on is...*deeeep inhale*...OLD MAN PRICKLEY DICK, SWAGMASTER OF THE SANDS!
7/17/2013 c18 Jinchuuriki Jake
I like cheese
7/16/2013 c20 meee
No the speech was good. And I did like this chapter now that my headache is gone. But it sounds like kakashi and asuma are in for some trouble, hopefully something with a big bang. Especially if they end up dying.
7/14/2013 c20 McAwzome
My favorite part was when it was revield that i could use grand fireball i was stoked
7/10/2013 c19 McAwzome
Well i guess this is just a wishlist

Riku should be able to use as his mangkekeo (spelled wrong)

A double of tsukioma that would make the gen justu stronger

Or a double of kamui which would be best ya know

And of coures theres always the tsukioma kamui combo

Amaterastu it friggen awesome and all but theres no stratigic advantage to it

On a side note i think that shikamaru should get skme action with
Temari "if ya know what im saying" to like make an awsome pal for the three of them or Riku

And probs not my final wish that probs wont be answered
Riku should use a sword just cuz there cool

I know youll think its me and just a fanboy of my name that u put up there ill put my tag

7/9/2013 c19 meee
My fave part was when naruto used his father's jutsu and started appearing places. Also when gaara was acting as a pawn to stall, so some people in his village would be safe. Sorry if anything I just wrote sounds stupid, I just have this HUGE headache.
7/9/2013 c18 meee
Thanks for the tip. I'll consider the thought of creating an account. Well anyway, the chapter was awesome keep up the work. :)
7/8/2013 c19 Big dick guy
and I like that part when Akiko and Nabitora became partners that was cool
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