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7/8/2013 c19 guy with a dick
Wow that part were naruto can use his dads telorportaion jutsu that was awesome

Not Eiseah
7/8/2013 c19 Eiseah
Thiiiissssss was awesome just really cool like really good. so good that it hurts. I'm to sexy for my shirt to sexy for my shirt that it hurts.

Not Eiseah
7/7/2013 c17 meee
Well nice filler than. Maybe try something where naruto and sasuke run into trouble and their sons do this 3 way crazy move to finish off the enemy. Also what about the nine tails? Will naruto keep him or give kurama up to his son?
7/6/2013 c17 me
Yea ur right it was a short chapter
But it was good
I think that riku should use kamui and tsukiomai just sayin

7/4/2013 c11 Jinchuuriki Jake
Naru Saku
7/3/2013 c16 meee
The brightest light can cast the darkest shadow. Loving the story!
7/1/2013 c16 Mr.G
This is not Eiseah
This was a dam good chapter I love that new guy Akiko Daruma what a bad ass

This chapter was soooo gooood
Ps: Mc awesome your dude is a faaag
7/1/2013 c16 Guest
7/1/2013 c16 Riku Uchiha
wouldnt it me awsome if i could also use
flying rajjing like lord fouth just saying

6/30/2013 c15 Not Eiseah
Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!
6/29/2013 c15 Not Me
Riku is going to be thr best as soon as he learns tsukiomi and amaterastu so he gets sasoono and with that bird of his
(Oh yea its me) named yuki did i say?
And make sure that the tsukiomi can do damage to someone like assistant's character all right?!
6/27/2013 c14 Guest
This story gave me aids.
6/26/2013 c14 meee
Awesome story! It's'm speechless at how good it was!
6/26/2013 c14 Guest
6/26/2013 c14 MISTER TORGUE
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