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for Boston is Burning

12/29/2017 c51 jas01
I am hoping that you come back and finish this story. please...,
3/14/2017 c51 sweetkid45
glad to see this one was a fantastic chapter is angel at and why is it just spike?!..yes I have watch buffy so I know some are missing
8/27/2016 c21 SageQ
You're repeating chapters. It's annoying.
8/27/2016 c4 SageQ
In that sentence it should just be FUBAR, if you did need the e and d in a sentence it should be written FUBARed.
7/23/2016 c50 RagingFalcon
Kindly move this story to the CROSSOVER section.
You have 76 stories. You know the rules. Right? I'm sure you do!
From the very first chapter you already knew this is CLEARLY a crossover story between R&I and BTVS. You said so yourself.

You published a copy of this story in the crossover section-Boston'S Burning.

Now, you are publishing the same exact story here at the main R&I section with a slightly modified title-Boston IS Burning.

So please, remove this crossover story from the R&I main page and move this same story to the Crossover Section. But just remember that I don't think you are allowed to publish the same story twice. You can get banned.

Remove this now. Don't let yourself get penalized and your account banned or cancelled because you did NOT put your crossover story in the right category and page.

Please remove this now. Thank you.
7/23/2016 c48 sweetkid45
I like these kinds of stories
7/23/2016 c49 sweetkid45
Good Chapter
7/23/2016 c50 sweetkid45
Great Chapter
7/23/2016 c47 sweetkid45
Fantastic Chapter
7/22/2016 c44 sweetkid45
Am glad to see this story was a fantastic chapter.
7/22/2016 c45 sweetkid45
Awesome Chapter
7/22/2016 c46 sweetkid45
great chapter
7/21/2016 c43 bjngraci
i know its been a while since you have posted to his story, i just read it, i wish you would finish it. i have enjoyed it so far.
1/11/2016 c43 ShadowCub
The supernatural? SHOULD be out in the public eye.
11/10/2015 c31 ShadowCub
Glad to see this back. Maybe you should put this in the crossover section and it'd get more views.
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