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for Grell's bad day

5/28/2021 c1 Koga lee ichmar
WTF!? how the he'll did that happen?
5/18/2017 c1 1Aquafairyrobot
So cute!
4/12/2016 c1 4MissLuciusNightWings
This made me cry so hard!
3/15/2015 c1 Guest
Crying so hard you have no idea. I just... Wow. Beautiful, even though you've broken my poor heart.
8/21/2014 c1 Guest
well...your death story explains why you SO dramatic. I still feel bad for you Sebastian. I'm Team SebaCiel all the way! *Hold up non-existent Team SebaCiel sign & wears Team SebaCiel shirt*
9/13/2013 c1 37Shadowclanwarrior
This is really good. I mean REALLY good. I love your portrayal of Grell in this and it is very well written. The only complaint I have is that the ending just seemed out of place. One second Grell is being comforted by the Undertaker after Sebastien rejects him completely, and the next they are together? It would have been better, in my opinion, if you just ended it with Undertaker and Grell. But other then that, I really enjoyed it :).
8/18/2013 c1 15Amydiddle
I am the happiest shipper in the world
6/29/2013 c1 Guest
I love your sets/grell so much!
6/19/2013 c1 1limeta
Weee! I love this story! The Feels you know!
6/11/2013 c1 Grell sutcliff
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww:)I just feel the love and hate in the story_
6/7/2013 c1 2Princess of Heart 11
LOL I love this yaoi pairing! XD! Please make more chapters! Please review my story called kh shattered memories! A new princess of heart will visit ciel's mansion. I don't want to give too much away.
6/7/2013 c1 4Mr. Fatcakes
You did really well! That was just adorable! I especially liked how used Undertaker as a comforting figure. He's kinda like a monochrome teddy bear sometimes.

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