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4/22 c1 Guest
I really enjoyed this piece! Never thought about that crossover but I got to say I like the idea Colby‘s history with the supernatural...would love to read more in case the muse throws something at you :)
4/5/2017 c1 Guest
11/30/2016 c1 D.Rose
I have read this several times, and it wasn't until now that I caught on to the fact that when Dawn is talking to Charlie coming out of the tunnel that the implication is, technically, Charlie is her father?! (like technically, Buffy is her mother as she was used to make Dawn, the Key's vessel).
I hope you update this soon as I liked it very much and would love to see it continued.
6/8/2013 c1 joniskpelare
Poor Gray, but toherwise. Very nice.

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