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for Lost Little Tithi

2/7/2020 c1 Guest
This was sooo good I miss the metal series so much !
6/30/2014 c2 6girl-of-the-wolves
4/11/2014 c2 Guest
no no no not good hate you
6/19/2013 c2 32Mizz Blackshaw
I really loved the idea of the story! But I have a few suggestions. In the beginning, I think it'll be best to emphasize Tithi's fear by maybe putting it in his point of view. That way, it'll be as if Tithi had no choice but to trust Kyoya. I also think that one part of Kyoya's dialogue when he agreed to help him should've been in his head. It just seems a little more in character. And out loud, he could say just "Let's go." And that could make the plottwist more explosive!

Also, I really loved the relationship between Kyoya and Tithi. I agree that this is something I can't ship either (not bashing anyone who does). But I believe there are two types of brotherhood Tithi shares: the kind like Yu Tendo and the kind like Kyoya. And in this story, they were really like brothers! I laughed when he locked him in that room, because it was a mean brotherly thing to do! Good job!
6/10/2013 c2 Lunar21
Short, but I'm glad Tithi learned his lesson.
6/8/2013 c2 30volleyowlets
Kyoya you cruel person! XD Ahaha, this was funny! I think you should write more stories like this XD
6/8/2013 c2 3Yukihime77
Great story. Tithi and Kyoya in friendship... It's so cute.
6/8/2013 c2 4lim.Pegaleone
Wow , you update the story , good job :D
6/8/2013 c1 Kingdom's Oathkeeper
HAHAHA SO CUTE! But pleas update soon!

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