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1/6/2020 c1 3sendohakiradd7
i can imagine rukawa doing the shock face he's face will still be look bored
11/6/2002 c7 4sLL

I love it... ^.^

So cool... and i wanna imagine the ball hitting Rukawa's face!


*sadistic laughing*

=P Okay... so I don't like Rukawa much except in yaoi stories

So what?

I don't care...


*Men in white coats drag sLL away to Tg.Rambutan*

11/6/2002 c7 7Hibaku
ara... I like this fic! And I think your idea of Rukawa and Sakuragi switching places is really cool. Very fresh and non-yaoic (is there such a word?) and hey, lambie likes it! And btw, Singapore's not in China, I noe, cuz I'm from there as well~ Haha... You Chinese too? ^5~ Okay, hope you continue, and don't mug too hard, it kills too many brain cells than you want too. Hope you can update soon, and btw, what exactly is Ayako's surname? In ur fic it's Miyazaki, in some other person's it's Fujiwara (I used Fujiwara cuz I really thot tt was her surname until I read your fic) and come to think of it, I've ever seen it appear anywhere. Anybody noez?
10/11/2002 c5 9Dinette
Hehheh. This is fun.
9/17/2002 c5 15rurouni
funny and nice. can't imagine the freaks who actually stuffed Rukawa's locker full of trash...

ganbatte, both with studying and writing! *grin*
9/17/2002 c5 1demonheiress
Hell yeh!

This fic rules!

*sticks tongue out at Rukawa*

Go Sakuragi!

good job! Can't wait for the next chapter.
9/16/2002 c5 2dare mo nai
Ayako has brown black hair..^^;Okay,next chaptre plzz
9/16/2002 c5 16The Bloody Countess

You updated this one! I'm sooooo happy!
9/10/2002 c4 4sLL

update soon!


9/6/2002 c4 ooficious
e fic rite...make it yaoi! haha j/k but somehow it looks like its gonna turn out yaoi...=D make it hanaharu...since u oready write haruko likes hanamichi wad...=D
9/6/2002 c4 chikkychappy
though i know this story isn't intended to be funny, i found it funny. ^^ especially those 50 girls, and how clueless rukawa is with basketball. :)
9/6/2002 c4 15rurouni

I'm not a fan of Rukawa/Haruko, so...*hint hint*

*grin* anyway, it's coming along well. can't believe "Rukawa" is actually saying that "Sakuragi" is "charming and good-looking"

9/5/2002 c4 2dare mo nai
Oh feels so weird to imagine Ru in Sakuragi's place..newayz,next chaptre plzz!
9/5/2002 c4 Dinette once again
Its really cute you know? I mean, even though now Sakuragi's the ace, and Rukawa the new one, they still kind of keep to their original characters.
9/5/2002 c1 Dinette
Exams...*hoowwwlll**covers ears* okay. Nevermind. After that I will haunt this...thing...

HAH! Finally somebody REJECTED Rukawa. HAH!
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