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9/1/2018 c1 t8mjI
Veri n1c3vbPst0riic
12/25/2017 c38 1Phaeton394
Thanks Sickle!

I like your story so much, I hope it's still alive.

Will you continue with the next sagas?
6/28/2017 c20 ANoobReviewer
Thank you,thank you so much for this. The mist our dear Master of the Heavenly Yard has set up is fading away, but seriously, this helps so much for someone without access to anything but the songs.
8/17/2015 c1 Guest
can you update
7/9/2015 c8 forgottenboy94
thank for you
7/7/2015 c32 forgottenboy94
updating new
3/20/2015 c2 KOOKIEZ
Oh hey look, I'm back!

So, this chapter is one about Seth and his views on the first and second candidates... Can we get a view on them too? That would be nice. Also, I think Eldoh is Held now... Bleh, Eldoh sounded cooler though. Oh well, Word of God has announced.

Also, there's a category for the Evillious Chronicles now! (In anime/manga category I think) Are you going to re upload this story to that instead of Vocaloid? I guess it would bring more attention among other EC Fans than Vocaloid fans with knowledge of only Story of Evil. (Although it does nice advertising for Mothy, doesn't it. :/ )

Anyways, chapter's a bit short, but I like it a lot! After all, Seth is pretty much a minor character, he doesn't do much except for making Meta become Ma... Well, that's my opinion.

3/16/2015 c1 KOOKIEZ



(Oops, caps seemed to be the only way I could get emphasis. Hehe, sorry.)

I'm just so shocked! And amazed! I've reread this countless times, so amazed, so impressed, so-so... EVERYTHING THAT'S AWESOME! The information, the story-telling, it's just- There aren't any words. XD

So apparently, we start off with a bit of Survival [MA] - Who Will Survive? - and Whereabouts of the Miracle CATASTROPHE, even a bit of Blood-Stained Switch! (Although, I'm not entirely too sure the HERs patient split into Elluka and Irina.) A bit short, but that's fine. Quite detailed too. Although, I kinda want more spotlight of the other candidates, Milky Eights and Ly Li. But I guess they might be in other chapters soon! Probably Eve, Adam, and Meta too. Also, I'm pretty sure Kiruru is spelled as Kirill.

*Note: Going through the current chapter, since I'm too lazy to go make a separate review, yeah, I think you should probably update this fic a bit to match with canon bits, like names and some information. (My preference would be that you update the Gluttony era more, a bit more... Seeing as that's one of the most successful arcs Mothy has delved on.)

Yay! So, my first review for the story! I can't wait to finish the rest of it, this has left a quite stunning impression on my mind. Anyways, bye for now!

Last thing, I got past Cloture of Yellow! :3 I'm nearly done with Wiegenlied of Green! Unless you meant time-line wise... Ehehe...

1/7/2015 c30 EC
Yes, it would be nice if you could redo some of the chapters to line up with new canon; everyone is Eve, the crazy Venomania love triangle, and Carlos and the baby and all that.
12/30/2014 c29 Ailinh
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! (For updating)
8/28/2014 c1 11Draconicdisciple
What an interesting start. Well written too, I think I shall proceed to read! (Hehe that rhymes doesn't it?) I hope that this will stick closely to canon, it's be a shame if I lost interest due to a huge diverge from canon, I appears you write off of certain theories though so I guess we'll see huh?

Have you heard about the new plot twist with Eve Moonlit and Margarita? It sure is mindblowing! I wonder how well your story holds since the twist pretty much changes everything.

Needless to say, I can't wait to read more!
7/11/2014 c27 AkinaBear
I love your story!
6/12/2014 c1 1EccentricPendo
I love this story! The Michaela's death really made me cry...I loved the Clarith/Michaela moments (yes this pairing is canon, I've read the novels and I've listened to the songs. In both Michaela says she loves Clarith). You did a beautiful job with this story! Good job.
5/29/2014 c26 Guest
Yes an update! I love the small details from character interactions you add in the story. Yes Yukina time :D I can't wait for more!
5/19/2014 c25 RilianeofLucifenia
Permission to share your fanfic on my page? pages/The-Evilious-Chronicles-101/631936513554211
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